3 Types of Malaysian Stamps

04 Nov 2020

Stamps come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and each one of them tells us a story. Stamps also connect people from around the world. Through stamps, we can share and learn about history, art, science, nature, people and events; these are some of the many fascinating topics featured on stamps. In Malaysia, there are three main types of postage stamps available at the post office.

1. Commemorative Stamps

This type of postage stamp is issued to commemorate and honour important national and international events such as anniversaries and significant events, historical places and things, and outstanding individuals. Commemorative stamps, like our 50th Anniversary of Rukun Negara stamps, usually have limited production, and though usable as postage, commemorative stamps are often valued and kept in pristine condition by collectors and sold privately at stamp auctions and on the internet. 

2. Definitive Stamps

These stamps are often the ones we see on letters. In Malaysia, a new definitive stamp, like our latest Iconic Marine Life stamps is issued every five years and caters to the needs of the postal service. The quantity produced is not capped and comes in a wide range of denominations. State Definitive Stamps come in small denominations, and National Definitive Stamps carry larger denominations. Malaysia’s definitive stamps have been revolving around the flora and fauna theme since 1965. 

3. Special Stamps

These types of stamps are typically issued depicting themes which are related to Malaysia such as our national heritage, arts and culture, nature, landmarks, food, traditional costumes and more. These stamps, like our Malaysian Calligraphy Stamp Series 2 usually come in different designs with different denominations, complete with a miniature sheet, First Day Cover, folder, and perhaps even postcards, often highlighting topics which tell a story about the diversity of Malaysia.