Pos Malaysia is committed to creating impactful platforms for smarter eCommerce solutions that deliver economic, social, and environmental value to all stakeholders.

We integrate sustainability practices into our business model and throughout all our processes and procedures. Sustainability practices are aligned with our vision, mission, and business goals. We aspire to emerge as a responsible business, offering end-to-end solutions, creating value and committed to creating positive economic, environmental, and social impact, while delivering value to our multiple stakeholders.


Pos Malaysia’s approach to sustainability is driven by our vision to Connect Malaysia and Beyond,for Today and Tomorrow. This means delivering innovative postal solutions that generate economic growth while also contributing to social development and environmental protection.

Our forward-looking strategy is reflected in Pos Malaysia’s Sustainability Framework, which is built on three (3) pillars of responsible growth:
Economic Impact, Environmental Stewardship, and Social Equity.

We've integrated seven (7) United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are relevant to our operations, which are addressed through the following material matters:

  • Economic Impact (Digital Transformation, Product & Service Solutions, Responsible Supply Chain, Socio-Economic Empowerment)
  • Environmental Stewardship (Emissions Management)
  • Social Equity (Employee Welfare, Training & Education, Occupational Safety & Health)

Sustainability Framework

Our Purpose

Economic impact

Our Planet

Environmental Stewardship

Our People

Social equity

Group Sustainability Policy / Sustainability Risk Management Framework

 Vision, Mission and Values


Sustainability Governance


Pos Malaysia’s governance structure leads the sustainable management and growth of our Group. Our sustainability governance allows us to better address various Economic, Environmental, and Social (EES) risks that threaten our long-term performance. Through good governance, we can create a culture of accountability and responsibility in achieving the Group’s sustainability goals. This aims to deliver the effective implementation of sustainability-related decisions across the Group. As we progress on our sustainability journey, we continuously improving upon this structure. Pos Malaysia’s sustainability function reports directly to the GCEO, Board Risk, Sustainability and Compliance Committee (BRSCC), signalling our commitment to improving our EES contributions.



GCEO & Board of Directors

Oversees the Group's sustainability strategy, decisions and initiatives.


Board Risk, Sustainability & Compliance
Committee (BRSCC)

Ensures that risk management, compliance and sustainability efforts are aligned with the Group's long-term business strategy.



Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC)

Recommends direction that aligns the sustainability targets with the overall goals of the Group as well as prioritising key sustainability matters.



Sustainability Working Committee (SWC)

Assesses and validates all sustainability-related information.


Subsidiaries Business/ Support Departments

Champion the three (3) pillars of sustainability in day-to-day operations.

We are now in the process of reorganising the structure to officially institutionalise the sustainability working committees, as well as identify champions across the Group to catalyse our sustainability achievements. The new structure enables improved accountability and integration of sustainability strategies, driven by a clear delineation of critical roles and responsibilities.