Seni Pembuatan Kuih Tradisional Folder Set

In this day and age, Malaysian kuih are mostly commercially made with modern appliances to meet popular demand, hence the traditional way of kuih-making is a dying art.

The Seni Pembuatan Kuih Tradisional or Traditional Art of Making Kuih special stamp issue highlights the old-fashioned ways of making popular Malaysian kuih using brass moulds of various shapes and sizes, as well as materials including coconut shell, coconut fibre and charcoal while baking.

There are five conventional methods featured and they are of Kuih Akok, Kuih Bakar, Kuih Kapit, Kuih Jala and Kuih Bahulu.

This stamp issue comes with two pairs of se-tenant stamps, making up four stamps altogether which are Kuih Akok and Kuih Bakar (30sen) and Kuih Kapit and Kuih Jala (RM1.50). Kuih Bahulu is featured on Miniature Sheet (RM5).


This product includes:

●       2 stamp sheets (20 pcs. of 30sen and RM1.50 stamps per sheet)

●       1 Miniature Sheet (MS)

●       1 First Day Cover with Stamps & Cancellation (FOC leaflet)

●       1 First Day Cover with MS & Cancellation (FOC leaflet)

●       1 Folder (Die-cut & Spot UV)

Date of issue: 15.02.2022

Place of issue: Kuala Lumpur

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