Our Goods In Transit (GIT) Insurance. Pos Laju Takaful Insurance, offers coverage for General Merchandise and Motorcycle deliveries for domestic and international shipments, by Etiqa Takaful.

Protect your deliveries with an instant coverage of RM1.50 per shipment for Breakage, Missing, Fire, Water Damage & Accident categories.



Contribution from as low as RM1.50 per shipment

Covers up to RM 10,000 of item value for general merchandise, and up to RM 50,000 for Motorcycle delivery for loss or damage

Covers damage to items due to fire, accident, flood, breakage & missing while in transit*

*All benefits are subject to Pos Malaysia and Etiqa Takaful Terms and Conditions

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General and Valuable Merchandise


General Merchandise Valuable Items
Package Type Coverage (RM) Total Contribution (RM) Item Package Type Coverage (RM) Total Contribution (RM)
Bronze 1,000 1.50 Gamat Bronze 5,000 150.00
Silver 2,500 3.50 Silver 10,000 250.00
Gold 5,000 7.00 Birds Nest Gold 5,000 150.00
Platinum 10,000 14.00 Platinum 10,000 250.00

Pos Laju Motorcycle Delivery


Within Peninsular Malaysia including Langkawi Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah and Sarawak except Labuan and vice versa
Package Type Coverage (RM) Total Contribution (RM) Package Type Coverage (RM) Total Contribution (RM)
Bronze 1,000 1.50 Bronze 1,000 2.50
Silver 4,000 6.00 Silver 4,000 10.00
Gold 10,000 15.00 Gold 10,000 25.00
Platinum 50,000 125.00 Platinum 50,000 150.00