Prabayar Ekonomi



Prabayar Ekonomi


Stock up on these affordable, ready-to-go padded envelopes to ship your goods across Malaysia. Now available in S, M and L sizes. 

Economical and easy! ​

Purchase these Prabayar Ekonomi envelopes in bulk. Then, pack it and drop it off at any of our counters nationwide.



Here are the sizes and cost of our flyers: 

Type of Envelope Weight Land ​
(Within WM/SBH/SWK)
Sea ​
(WM to EM, Vice Versa)
Small (S) Up to 500g Up to 500g RM4.50 RM8.00
Medium (M) > 500g up to 1kg Above 500g to 1kg RM6.00 RM11.00
Large (L) > 1kg up to 2kg Above 1kg to 2kg RM8.00 RM18.00

WM : West Malaysia​
EM : East Malaysia​
SBH : Sabah​
SWK : Sarawak


Here’s the delivery timeframe for domestic deliveries:

By Land By Sea
D+5 to D+7 D+14 to D+20

With a ready-to-go packaging, all you need to do is pack and send!




Track and trace your items ​

Optional insurance coverage is available


Downloads (PDF)

Registration of Prepaid Service

Customs Declaration

Prohibited Items



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