P. O. Box


The P.O. Box service lets you rent a private address for all your letter and parcel needs on a subscription.


How to register:


Step 1

Visit any post office Register for a P.O.Box in any offices in Malaysia.


Step 2

Collect key at your registered P.O. Box office. Start using your new address for all your delivery needs!


Service Annual Rental (RM)

P.O Box

50.00 (1 year)

25.00 (6 month)

Locked Bag


The Locked Bag service is designed for commercial and private use with the goal of transporting securely its contents including private mails and documents in large quantity.


Service Annual Rental (RM)

Locked Bag

200.00 (1 year)

Window Delivery Ticket


Window Delivery Ticket is a subscription service that allows you to designate your local post office as the primary address of your mails and parcels.


Service Annual Rental (RM)

Window Delivery Tickets (WDT)

120.00 (1 year)

Certificate of Posting


Need proof-of-posting for your mail?


Service Service Charge (RM)



Mail for the Blind


Mail items in Braille for those with vision impairment.


Description Weight Postage
Items to be posted over the Post Office counter or Posting Box.
Maximum postage weight of 7kgs is accepted.

  • No fees are charged for domestic and surface mail deliveries.
  • Fees are only charged for international airmail which will be charged according to second-class postage rates.