Non-standard Mail

Non-Standard Mail

Non-Standard Mail


The Non-Standard mail service is our alternative for oversized mailing documents.


Check out our specifications below to see if it fits!

Requirements Weight Postage / Tariff (RM)

Any mail which does not comply to standard mail specifications within 2kg and within the maximum dimension allowed.


Max dimension:

600mm (length) x 250mm (width)x 30mm (thickness).


For non-commercial use only.

1gm - 50gm  RM0.80
50gm - 100gm RM0.90 
100gm - 250gm  RM1.00
250gm - 500gm RM2.00
500gm - 1kg RM3.50
1kg - 2kg RM5.50

Downloads (PDF)

Prohibited Items Declaration