Seashell Of Malaysia Stamp Sheet RM0.50
Seashells are the hard protective layer of a marine animal and can be commonly found deposited along the seashore by waves and tides. A number of interesting species are found in Malaysian waters and these include the Horned helmet (Cassis cornuta) which is typically found on sandy banks inside barrier reefs, the Burnt murex (Chicoreus brunneus), well known for its beautiful spines and usually found in coral reef, the Frog shell (Tutufa rubeta), a species that hides among shallow reefs or rocks, the Triton trumpet (Charonia tritonis) which usually feeds on the starfish and the Venus comb murex (Murex pecten) which has more than 100 spines to protect it from predators.

This product includes:

● 1 Stamp Sheet (20 pcs of RM0.50 stamps)

Date of issue: 11.11.2008
Place of issue: Kuala Lumpur

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