Scale Up Your e-Commerce Business With Pos Malaysia e-Commerce Fulfilment Solution (EFS)

15 Jul 2021

KUALA LUMPUR, 15 JULY 2021 – Pos Malaysia is ready to fulfil Malaysia’s rising e-commerce needs through its enhanced E-commerce Fulfilment Solution (EFS), in line with the rapid change in the e-commerce landscape, and the high demands and expectations from customers.


Pos Malaysia EFS customers benefit from the end-to-end service that is offered by the company. The service simplifies the overall e-commerce process for customers. First mile logistics ensures products are either picked up from businesses or sent by the customer to the warehouse. At the mid-mile process, the products are stored according to the desired storage specifications and processed for delivery upon receiving the order. Finally, last mile process is executed by Pos Malaysia by delivering the orders to consumers.


The Pos Malaysia EFS offers seamless integration between operations and the newly upgraded system, giving e-commerce businesses and sellers access to an easy-to-use interface to manage their products and orders efficiently. Customers are able to check inventory status, product information and real-time stock count, saving time and cost which is crucial for a successful business.


With monitoring of sales coming in via various channels, stock availability, picking correct items as ordered and packing all be handled by Pos Malaysia, EFS customers will be able to focus on other aspects of their business. Despite everything being handled by Pos Malaysia, customers are still able to supervise via a dedicated system which is accessible at any time of the day.


The system upgrades will benefit existing customers as well as future e-commerce businesses (brands, SMEs and micro-SMEs). While the Pos Malaysia EFS is currently only offered in Peninsular Malaysia, plans are also afoot to expand the service to East Malaysia.


Physically, to cater to the burgeoning demand, Pos Malaysia has doubled its main warehouse size in Shah Alam, which now covers 24,200 sq. ft. This enlarged facility means Pos Malaysia EFS customers will be able to increase its throughput for the benefit of their own buyers.


Pos Malaysia EFS offers normal fulfilment services like storing, picking, packing, shipping and tracking of orders, as well as efficient inventory management and end-to-end logistics such as customised pickup, delivery and return services. Pos Malaysia EFS customers enjoys seamless connection with e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Shopify, WooCommerce and many more.


The Small Entrepreneur Digital Empowerment Programme (PUPUK) introduced recently by the Government will further amplify domestic e-commerce growth.  PUPUK aims to help micro-SMEs and SMEs, including rural entrepreneurs, to digitalise their businesses and Pos Malaysia EFS is the ideal tool for this sub-sector. PUPUK participants will find Pos Malaysia EFS can help them scale up their businesses and drive sales utilising the system’s integrated services mentioned earlier.


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