Pos Malaysia embarks on digital-first journey to enhance customer experience

20 Sep 2022

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 SEPTEMBER 2022 – Pos Malaysia Berhad (“Pos Malaysia”), today rolled out a digitally-enabled initiative that allows customers to self-serve their customs clearance from any device, significantly reducing the time taken to clear goods and negates manual or human intervention. This effort is part of Pos Malaysia’s digital transformation and focuses on improving the customer journey and experience.

Customers can now pay for their clearance fees and taxes online using an omnichannel chatbot that significantly improves the overall customer experience and reduces the time taken to as short as three days, from arrival at customs to delivery at doorstep.

By using the Pos Malaysia chatbot, customers can now self-serve with ease without having to make phone calls, visits or time-consuming trips to the airport. The payment process is enabled by a digital payment gateway, providing customers a choice of payment methods from credit cards to e-wallets that can be made online anytime, anywhere.
The deployment of this system underlines the convergence of several digitisation initiatives – omnichannel chatbot deployment, digitisation of payments process and digitisation of operational process.

Pos Malaysia Berhad’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Charles Brewer said, “Logistics, as a sector, has long been known as a traditional industry, steeped in manual process and bureaucracy. At Pos Malaysia, we are focused on the customer journey and their experience, and will continue to leverage on digital technology to deliver value.

“We are cognizant that our digital transformation underpins much of what we want to deliver and is critical to elevate customer experience, improve our services and lower our cost of production. As such, we are focusing our digital efforts on automation, data analytics, the cloud, modernising our technology stack and solutions that will improve either our work environment, specifically on safety, the services and customer experience we offer, and our costs,” said Brewer.

Pos Malaysia rolled out Phase 1 of the improved customs clearance system on 1 September 2022 to the whole of Peninsular Malaysia after piloting within the Klang Valley region on 15 August. East Malaysia will soon get to enjoy the convenience of this service in Phase 2, that is slated for year-end deployment.

In line with its efforts to utilise digital technology to serve its customers better, Pos Malaysia also introduced WhatsApp push notifications to customers for its courier delivery service in May 2022, giving prior notice when parcel is enroute for delivery and when successfully delivered. In the same month, Pos Malaysia also reactivated its 1-300-300-300 service hotline for customers who prefer a personal touch.

“Customer service and the customer journey are super important to us. Aside from this most recent development, we have extended the operating hours of more than 125 Pos Malaysia retail outlets, moved our pick-up and delivery operation to 7-days a week, updated our tracking content and websites, and recently updated our app. However, more important to our customer is that we deliver and today Pos Malaysia delivers first and fastest across Malaysia, delivering more than 95% of parcels the next day,” added Brewer.

Pos Malaysia will continue to focus on its core transformation, improve the customer journey and deliver on its purpose, which is being passionate about building trust to connect lives and businesses for a better tomorrow.