Beware of scams and fake recruitment advertisements!

Group Comm

19 Jul 2021

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 July 2021 – We would like to remind the public to be careful of fraudulent support calls, text messages or e-mails including fake recruitment advertisements claiming to be from Pos Malaysia.


These scams are widespread and are also encountered by other postal services worldwide, with the aim to illegally acquire information such as credit card details, passwords, account information or other personal data. We advice the public to refrain from revealing such information by:

  • Not responding to requests via telephone / mobile, text messaging services (SMS, WhatsApp and others), e-mail or other methods. It is especially important to avoid clicking links sent together with the scam messages.
  • Not sharing or entering any sensitive information on a website / portal not belonging to Pos Malaysia.

We are also aware of e-mail scams currently targeting the public, sent by unscrupulous sender(s) using the Pos Malaysia name and logo for illegitimate purposes. Please pay attention to the following details to avoid being a victim:

  • Usage of e-mail domains that are not Pos Malaysia’s, or closely resembles the official domain address. For example,, or Also, Pos Malaysia will not reach out to customers using free e-mail accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and others.
  •  E-mails that demand payment of unpaid Customs duties or tax for the release of parcels. These e-mails should be ignored or deleted immediately. Do not respond or click on any links provided in these e-mails. For parcels requiring duty payments, customers will be informed via SMS, and if the contact number is unavailable, Pos Malaysia will inform the customers of the outstanding monies via the track & trace application.



We also urge the public to be careful of fake recruitment advertisements offering employment at Pos Malaysia. If in doubt, always verify the information by referring to reputable sources. Genuine job vacancies at Pos Malaysia are only advertised on reputable and legitimate employment websites, such as JobStreet, or on our social media platforms.


Pos Malaysia will always protect our customers and we are committed in ensuring that all personal and transactional information are safe and secure. To learn more about online security, fraud, scams and the reporting channels available, please visit our website at




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