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Pos Ekspres

Pos Ekspres

Pos Ekspres is a fast, convenient and economical means of sending sensitive documents based on next day delivery guarantee instead of following the regular delivery schedule. The guarantee is based upon the Next Day Delivery Networks as included on the special Pos Ekspres envelopes.


Pos Ekspres guarantees the reach of the mails at the intended destination within one, two or three days depending on the delivery zone. Non-conforming to its highly valued standard of service in terms of speed, Pos Ekspres reaches out to more than 344 mail destinations within the country.


In aiming to create a fuss-free delivery system for its customers, Pos Ekspres comes with its own specific envelopes and packets. There are five standard sizes of Pos Ekspres envelopes and the maximum weight allowed for this service is 1kg. The lists of delivery destinations according to days of delivery are supplemented with each Pos Ekspres envelopes/packets.




No. Size Max. Weight (gm) Max. Thickness (mm) Price (RM)
1 353mm x 250mm 500 10 4.50
2 229mm x 162mm 250 5 3.50
3 220mm x 110mm 100 3 3.00
(Window/non - window)
4 340mm x 250mm 1000 25 7.00 (packed)
5 250mm x 210mm 750 25 6.00 (packed)

** Price  is subject to 6% Service Tax and Pos Coverage





Pos Ekspres is not only fast, it can also be tracked! You can check if your recipient has received your Pos Ekspres via:


You can purchase the special Pos Ekspres envelopes/packets at all outlets. The size depends on your items. Follow the instructions as inserted in the envelope/packet. It is essential because it provides delivery schedule for different delivery zone along with a barcode which you can trace the delivery status of your item.


Pos Ekspres is posted in the specially allocated Yellow Posting Boxes to differentiate it from normal mailings. Do not post at the red Posting Box as this will delay delivery. You can also post it at the counter at any Post Offices nearby.



Pos Ekspres guarantee does not cover:

  • Items not posted through the special Pos Ekspres Yellow Posting Box
  • Items addressed outside the Pos Ekspres delivery zone
  • Items posted after the Pos Ekspres collection time as specified on the Yellow Posting Box
Insured Mail

Insured Mail

We understand how important your mail is regardless of its size. We offer insurance coverage for your registered letters and parcels containing valuable items for both domestic and international destinations.


You can rest assure that with Insured Mail, you will enjoy the privilege of first-class handling, total protection and compensation in the event of loss or damage.


Insured Value

  • Maximum insured value for items to be sent to foreign destinations is based on the agreement between Malaysia and the destination country; it normally shall not exceed RM3000


You can apply for this service at any Post Office counter. Just bring the item that you want to send and request for it to be insured. A receipt will then be issued.


Always make sure that your item is properly sealed and the address is written clearly.


Taxable items cannot be sent via Insured Mail. Meanwhile, for insured items meant for foreign destinations, an additional delivery charge of RM5 will be imposed on top of other charges.


For more information on the revised zones and tariffs, kindly refer to the specific product stated below International Mail or contact our customer care.