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Introduction to e-Commerce

Connecting Your Business Through e-Commerce

We Deliver Your Business


As Malaysia’s premier postal and courier company that has been serving the country for over 200 years and counting, Pos Malaysia continues to cater the needs of its customers. Not only do we provide simple, affordable and widely accessible delivery options that both online business owners and shoppers prefer, we also offer our expertise, experience and vast network.  


Whatever the size of online business you’re in, we have the right e-Commerce solution for you so you can focus on growing your business whilst we take care of your delivery needs.


Courier Delivery Solutions

  • Express Mail Service / AsiaXpress
  • Time Certain Delivery
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Pos Laju Pick-up (Contract Customer & On Demand Pick-up)



  • Faster delivery time
  • Faster lodgement resulting in faster delivery to customers
  • The widest delivery coverage in the country
  • Track & Trace and insurance options available
    • Pick-up from merchant’s premise
    • RM5/pickup for On Demand Pick-up (call 1-300-22-5258)
    • Free for Contract Customer


Warehouse Services

  • Self-service storage
  • Air conditioned  storage area that is equipped with shelves for Premium/e-Commerce Items
  • Labelling and Barcoding
  • Pick and pack for shipping
  • Available Soon: Special package deals for warehouse, packing and delivery



  • Cost at competitive rate
  • Safe and secure
  • Insurance coverage


Payment Options to Customer

  • COD (Cash On Delivery)
  • CCOD (Credit Card On Delivery)



  • Payment preferences for customers
  • Save on transaction fees imposed by banks


One-stop bills and utilities payment via Pos Online


  • Pay and earn points
  • Pay all your bills in one place, no multiple logins or passwords needed
  • You will never miss a bill again
  • All payments are secure and traceable
  • Pay anywhere via our omni channel platforms


Pos Laju Prepaid Dropbox

24/7 parcel drop box for prepaid items not more than 2kg


  • Drop off  your Pos Laju prepaid parcels at your convenience
  • Available now at Kompleks Dayabumi
  • No need to queue


Pos Laju EziBox

Our EziBox eliminate the hassle of having to wait for a parcel to arrive or receiving a ‘sorry note’ after missing a delivery.  At the same time, it provides an alternative and flexible option to buyers to do their own pick-up at their preferred locations.



  • Safe and easy, 24/7 convenience for sellers and buyers
  • Cost efficient for operator and sellers as well as cost effective for the buyers
  • Secure and safe with latest authentication system
  • Strategically located at high traffic areas including residential, commuter stations,  community centres, and shopping complexes
  • SOON : customers can buy online and choose to pick-up or return at any EziBox near them 


Other Value Added Services

NEW e-Pos Laju Mobile App


  • Greater convenience for you to manage your deliveries in the palm of your hands
  • Create consignment notes and pay for delivery


APIs (Application Programming Interface)


  • Provides fast and seamless access to valuable information
  • Able to provide value-added services to your customers
  • Business performs more efficiently when data is real time





What are APIs?
API stands for Application Programming Interface.
In the simplest terms, APIs are sets of commands that manage how one application can talk to another. APIs aren't at all new; whenever you use a desktop or laptop, APIs are what make it possible to move information between programs—for instance, by cutting and pasting a snippet of a document into an Excel spreadsheet.

Why are APIs important to businesses?
APIs are especially important because they dictate how developers can create new apps that tap into the internet . By integrating specific APIs into your web site or your app, your customers can utilize the functions provided, without ever leaving your web site.
For instance the Track and Trace API provide easy access to shipping information and services for your customers.

What are the APIs offered?
Currently these are the list of APIs offered.
• Track and Trace Status
• Calculate Postage (International and Domestic)
• Postcode Finder
• Postcode Location
• Find a Pos Outlet

Benefits of APIs
o Provides fast and seamless access to valuable information
o Able to provide value-added services to your customers
o Business performs more efficiently when data is real time