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  • Mail service for the delivery of magazines, catalogs, newspapers or other publication item that have specific publication names for every issue, being published periodically and weighing not more than 250gm
  • Every posting can only have one (1) publication item
  • Item that has been inserted into envelope, "poly-wrapping" or "poly-bag" must be able to be inspected by Pos Malaysia
  • Any item that can not be delivered will be returned back to the sender using the P.O Box address, or, to those who do not have P.O Box address, the item will not be returned and will be disposed
  • If it is founded the item does not comply with the periodical definition, contains personalised item or has other non-related item, the item will be classified as a Non-Standard Mail
  • The word "PERIODICALS" must appear on the left side of the envelope.
  • There will be no proof of delivery or track and trace.


Periodicals rates are according to the following weight steps:


Up to 20gm RM0.50
Above 20gm - 50gm RM0.60
Above 50gm - 100gm RM0.80
Above 100gm - 250gm RM0.90


For more information on the revised zones and tariffs, kindly refer to the specific product stated below International Mail or contact our customer care.


Other Links

1. Application Form Of Periodical Mails

2. Customer Information Update Form

3. Cancellation / Closing Form

Bulk Mailing


Bulkmail is a service provided for customers to send mails in large quantities or through posting agent (bulk mailer) using the Prepaid Postage Service. With Prepaid Postage, customers do not have to weigh the items and affix stamps on them individually.


Bulkmail service is a very time efficient way to deliver catalogues, magazines, notices and other publication items in large quantities.


There are two types of prepaid postage:

  1. Domestic Prepaid Postage Service
  2. Overseas Prepaid Postage Service


The minimum posting for Licence and Non-licence Prepaid Postage is 100 items with same size, shape and weight. All posting must be made at the specific post office counters or the Business Mail Centres and is accompanied by a Bulk Posting Docket.

  1. Application using Form Pos Mel 60, from the nearest State Office of Pos Malaysia Berhad or Business Mail Centre
  2. Licence is issued free
  3. Every letter must be printed with Prepaid Postage information. This is is called an "indicia". Here's a sample of what an indicia looks like:
  1. Sample of impressions (the indicia) on the envelope or wrappers must be submitted together with the application form
  2. Every letter must be printed with the sender's address



  1. No licence application required
  2. Posting can be made at any Business Mail Centres that provide Bulkmail service
  3. Limited to domestic delivery only


  1. All "Resending" items are prohibited to be posted overseas
  2. Bulkmail customers are not allowed to post licenced or non-licenced mails at the posting box

Payment can be made in several ways

  • Cash
  • Local Purchase Order
  • Bank draft
  • Cheque
  • Imprest Account


For more information on the revised zones and tariffs, kindly refer to the specific product stated below International Mail or contact our customer care.


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1. Terma dan Syarat Pos Jelas Berlesen

2. Application Form Of Prepaid Mail Services

3. Customer Information Update Form

4. Cancellation / Closing Form
Business Reply Service

Business Reply Service

Business Reply Service is a prepaid reply envelope service that encourages your respondents to reply to your survey or contest. They do have to pay for the cost of postage stamp in order to send back the survey or contest.


It makes posting easier and increases the responsive rates. Moreover, you will only be charged based on received responses.



  • Depends on the weight of the letter
  • Service charge is 2 sen per item posted


How to use Business Reply Service (BRS)?

  • Obtain a licence from the nearest State Office of Pos Malaysia Berhad, which is free of charge
  • Prepare a business reply envelope in the form of a letter, postcard or folded letter as specified by Pos Malaysia Berhad


For more information on the revised zones and tariffs, kindly refer to the specific product stated below International Mail or contact our customer care.


What is Franking Service?

Franking is an alternative method of posting mails which imprints an impression on postal items showing the date of posting and value of postage paid, in place of postage stamp.

It is the quick and easy way to manage your mail which can save you time and money. It's cost effective and easy to use, and suitable for companies that send medium to large volumes if mail.


Sample of Franking imprints




Benefits of Franking

Fast and Efficient

A franking machine can automatically print postage and process hundreds of mails according to required value, weight, size and destination. It offers a more professional way to manage and process large volumes of mail without the need to worry about fixing stamps manually or running out of stamps.


Time-saving and convenient

You can reload the postage amount into an account (prepaid account) which then allows you to control and manage the imprint of the postage at your convenience without the need to go to the post office. You don't need to buy or stock different denominations of stamps because it prints any value of postage required.


• Using your mail to promote your business

You can customize your own franking mark or impression to carry your company logo or promotional message that you want to offer.




Getting Started

Step 1 - Choose a Franking Machine

You can lease or purchase your own franking machine from Pos Malaysia Authorised Vendors and choose the suitable machine that meets your postage needs.

Pos Malaysia Authorised Vendor:







Pitney Bowes (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Suite C-11-1 to C-11-2
Level 11, Wisma Goshen
Plaza Pantai
No. 5 Jalan 4/83A
Off Jalan Pantai Baru
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

T: 03-20277799
F: 03-22828099

Pitney Bowes


Neosys Documail Sdn. Bhd.
2.07 Level 2, Wisma Academy
Lot 4A, Jalan 19/1
46300 Petaling Jaya.

T: 03-79582266
F: 03-79583266



Dicklin Sdn Bhd
Wisma Dicklin
No 80B, Jalan Bangsar
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

T: 03-22822250
F: 03-22824936



Vertical Rivers Sdn Bhd
C-3A-46 101 Boulevard
Jalan Kenari 5
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47170 Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

T: 03- 80715188
F: 03- 80715199


Franking Machine Lease/Rental Option:

Neosys Documail Sdn Bhd

• Vertical Rivers Sdn Bhd


Step 2 - Apply for Pos Malaysia Franking Permit

Upon selection of franking machine, apply for Pos Malaysia franking permit through the Authorised Vendor.


Step 3 - Reload Credit

You can reload the franking machine using cash, cheque or bank draft via CIMB BANK or VIRTUAL ACCOUNT CIMB. Pos Malaysia will provide the bank account details for the reload process upon notification of the approved permit.


Step 4 - Start Franking

You can frank a wide variety of mail products, including:

  • Standard Mail
  • Non Standard Mail
  • Parcel
  • Periodical
  • PosDokumen
  • Register Mail (additional postage charges)
  • International Mail


Posting of Mails

You need to comply with Pos Malaysia terms and conditions for posting of your franked mails.

  • All franked mails must be posted on the same day of imprint date
  • Posting of franked mails is applicable to the designated Post Office.
  • Do not post your franked mails at the street posting box.


Other links


Pos Dokumen

Pos Dokumen

Pos Dokumen is a service that allows you to send any documents with the maximum weight of 2kg or which is categorised as Non-Standard Mail. The documents included for this service are magazines, company bulletin, annual reports and equivalent materials. The service is only offered for domestic postal and delivery.


Pos Dokumen
  • Documents or publication item with total weight not exceed 2kg
  • Size: 340mm (l) x 250mm (w) x 30mm (h)
  • Every posting can only have one (1) publication item only
  • The word “POS DOKUMEN” must be printed on the top left side of the envelope cover
  • Item that has been inserted into envelope, “poly-wrapping” or “poly-bag” must be able to be inspected by Pos Malaysia
  • Item that can not be delivered will be returned back to the sender using the P.O Box address, or to those who do not have P.O Box address, the item will not be returned and will be disposed
  • If it is founded that the item does not comply to the definition of Pos Dokumen, contains personalized item or has non-related materials that are not related to the publication, it will be classified as a Non-Standard Mail
  • There will be no proof of mailing and delivery or track and trace service



Every item sent by Pos Dokumen is charged according to the weight step.


Mode of Delivery Weight Step Postage Rate (RM)
Surface Mail Up to 500gm 1.80
Above 500gm - 1kg 3.00
Above 1kg - 2kg 4.50
Airmail Up to 500gm 1.80
Above 500gm - 1kg 4.50
Above 1kg - 1.5kg 7.50
Above 1.5kg - 2kg 9.00


For delivery within the Peninsular to Sabah and Sarawak, air surcharge of RM1.50 for every 500gm will be imposed for item that exceeds 500gm to 2kg.


Other Links

1. Application Form Of Pos Dokumen

2. Customer Information Update Form

3. Cancellation / Closing Form


For more information on the revised zones and tariffs, kindly refer to the specific product stated below International Mail or contact our customer care.



Pos Malaysia Berhad's Admail service can help customers in delivering advertising or promotion messages directly to their selected target audience on a large scale.


Admail is:

  • Distribution of mail advertisements to non-addressed recipients (drop mail)
  • Customers will select the targeted areas or premises and Pos Malaysia will manage the delivery


Admail service enables you to promote your business and services through the distribution of mails at a reasonable price.


For more information on the revised zones and tariffs, kindly refer here:

Admail Unit


Pusat Mel Nasional

Persiaran Perkilangan

40300 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Tel: 03-5565-3281/3288

Fax: 03-5565-3299

Email: Posmel.DM@pos.com.my
Corporate Postal Solutions

Corporate Postal Solutions

Corporate Postal Solutions is a total mail room solution that handles your company's daily mailings. Our experts placed in your premise and will handle all incoming and outgoing mails.

They will collect and distribute mails from the Post Office for internal circulation. At the same time, they will also collect, sort and dispatch all outgoing mails from each unit of your company to the Post Office for delivery. These are all done three to four times a day.




  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Timely
  • Accurate
  • Cost effective (time, manpower, transportation and other operating costs)
  • Early incoming mails
  • Late cut-off time for collection of outgoing mails
  • Frequent internal distribution and collecting of mails (3 to 4 time daily)
  • Back-up staff are provided



  • Transportation of mails from General Post Office to company
  • Transportation of mails from company to General Post Office
  • Transport (van and motor) provided by Pos Malaysia Bhd


Incoming Mails

  • Include hand delivered mail, ordinary mail, registered mail, Pos Ekspres, courier and parcel
  • Receiving, recording and sorting mails
  • Delivery of mails to each unit/department/section of the company
  • Maintain records of hand delivered mail, registered mail, Pos Ekspres, courier and parcel received


Outgoing Mails

  • Include ordinary mail, registered mail, Pos Ekspres, courier and prepaid mail service
  • Collection of mails from each unit/department/section of the company
  • Collating and inserting of letters/statements/bills into envelopes
  • Recording, weighing, franking and sorting of mails
  • Preparing and recording ordinary mails for posting
  • Maintaining records of ordinary mail, registered mail, Pos Ekspres, courier and hand delivery.


Additional Services

  • Managing data printing and inserting
  • Renewal of franking machine credit
  • Managing mail contract licence, e.g. Prepaid and Franking Machine Licence
  • Paying of bills, submitting of documents, etc. (dispatch service)
  • Internal delivery of newspaper
  • Selling of stamps, Pos Ekspres envelopes, etc.


This service is based on contract whereby your company can decide either to obtain it as a long-term or short-term deal.


With this Total Service Solution, your company only needs to provide logistical necessities such as a mailing room, some basic furniture and shelves for sorting of mails. Pos Malaysia Berhad will provide the expertise, transportation, manpower as well as other necessary equipment.

Direct Mail




The effective way to move your business

You have a new product or service to offer and you need to shout it out. You need to speak directly to your customers and win new ones. You need to show off your brand. What you really need is DM REACH. With our tools, expertise and network, DM REACH will make Direct Marketing work for you.




A way to boost your business

DM REACH is an effective, responsive, measurable and affordable way to communicate and market the product or promotion you’re offering. What you can be sure of is that every home or every business has a letter box and by using DM REACH, whatever you’re selling will be mailed directly into those letter boxes and straight into the hands of your customers, and potentially new ones. Better yet, with the database management and delivery network that we have, you know you will speak to the right people, at the right time and reach the right target market.


How DM Reach can work for you



Targeted and personalised
Lets you choose exactly who will see your promotion

  • Markets only to people and businesses that have a high probability of needing and/or wanting your product/service
  • Accurately targets prospects combined with the almost 100% readership means people will respond


Population reach

  • Lets customers promote their business and services through the distribution of addressed and non-addressed mail at reasonable cost
  • Reaches almost all corners of Malaysia



  • Customers able to track the success of a campaign or run a pilot test before proceeding with a full scale direct marketing campaign
  • Traceable and provide measurable Return of Investment (ROI)


Sensory medium

  • Print based materials are easily integrated into the brain and triggers your five senses
  • Seen as more concrete and acts as a cue for memory


DM Reach Machinable


Minimum size

Maximum size



Standard Envelope


140mm (length) x 90mm (width) x 0.25mm (thickness)

250mm (length) x 165mm (width) x 6mm (thickness)

Rectangular or square

  1. Barcode zone 15mm from the bottom of envelope must be left empty (end to end)
  2. Envelope must be light coloured (preferably white)
  3. Maximum weight of the mail is 50gm
  4. Envelope must not be glossy and shiny
  5. Envelope must be from paper based material
  6. Envelope must not contain any printed image
  7. Envelope should not contain any hard object or items that is not flexible such as VCD, CD, DVD and cassette
  8. Envelope must be sealed to protect and retain the content


 *Kindly refer Standard Envelope Specifications in Standard Mail


DM Reach Non-Machinable


Minimum size

Maximum size



Non-Standard Envelope

600mm (length) x 250mm (width) x   30mm (thickness)

1kg (in weight)




Anything with paper or plastic wrapping envelope



140mm (length) x  90mm (width)

148mm (length) x 105mm (width)



Maximum weight is 20gm



DM Reach Non-Machinable


Minimum size

Maximum size



Creative Postcard

Any size

Any size

2D Odd shape

Maximum weight is 20gm 



3D Mail

600mm (length) x 250mm (width) x   30mm (thickness)

1kg (in weight)


Odd Shape


  1. 3D
  2. No envelope




600mm (length) x 250mm (width) x   30mm (thickness)

1kg (in weight)





Boxes Odd Shaped

600mm (length) x 250mm (width) x 30mm (height)

1kg (in weight)


Odd Shape Box


  1. 3D
  2. No envelope



Rolled Item

600mm (length) x 100mm (diameter)

1kg (in weight)

Rolled Item

  1. 3D
  2. Wrapped



Small Packet

250mm (length) x 200mm (width) x 100mm (thickness)

1kg (in weight)




  1. 3D
  2. Wrapped





250gm (in weight)

Any Shape

Any size dimension




DM Reach pricing


Machinable (RM)

Non-Machinable (RM)


20g and below



>20g – 50g



>50g – 100g



>100g – 250g



>250g – 500g



>500g – 1kg*



* Maybe be subject to change from time to time


Terms and conditions

  • Minimum 1,000 homogenous pieces per lodgement
  • DM Reach is classified as a non-priority service and will be processed on the next day of lodgement
  • Pos Malaysia Berhad reserves the right to open the mails for verification purposes
  • DM Reach items must use prepaid mail license services only
  • Prior to lodgement, mock-up of the items must be submitted to DM Reach Unit
  • Item need to be sorted according to Pos Malaysia sorting plan
  • Maximum weight for DM Reach item is 1 kilogram
  • For domestic destination posting only


For more information, please:

  • Refer here to browse through our FAQs on DM Reach
  • Contact DM Reach Unit: +603 5565 3281/3288 
    • Operating Hours: 8:30am to 5:30pm (Monday to Friday)
  • Contact Posline Customer Service
  • Email your inquiry to Posmel.DM@pos.com.my




At Pos Malaysia, our aim is to keep people connected – through convenience, an extensive delivery network and touch points, as well as innovative solutions. Introducing PosBox, a one-stop business service centre to ease your everyday business and delivery needs using Pos Malaysia’s myriad of services and solutions, and more.


At PosBox, it’s our business to help your business.     


Products and services available at POSBox




POSBox new outlet

POSBOX Bangsar South


The Sphere, Avenue 1,

Bangsar South City,

59200 Kuala Lumpur


Telephone and Fax: +603-2242-2573

Email: posbox.bs@pos.com.my


Operation hours:

Monday – Friday: 10:00am - 8:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm


How to get there




Personal address

Whether you are your own boss, working on the go, or need a separate mailing address for any reason, PosBox provides you with a unique address for rent to receive local and international mails and parcels. 


Receive, notify, hold and forward your items

PosBox receives your mail, packet and parcels from any local or international carriers. We will notify and hold your items until you arrive for pick-up or provide you with an option to forward them to you at any address in Malaysia.



  • Exclusive – you can request and customize your own mailbox number
  • Flexibility - you get your mail where you want it, when you want it
  • Privacy - assuring security & confidentiality of mailing address. 
  • Easy access - to a real physical mailbox.
  • Item notification – we’ll notify you via email or phone calls when your parcel/mail arrived
  • Item holding and forwarding - we'll receive your mail, faxes & packages either hold them for your collection, or forward them to you at any address in Malaysia.
  • Different mailbox sizes – to suit your needs and preferences


Getting started

  • Fill in the Application Form - walk-in to POSBox’s outlet or request via email at posbox.bs@pos.com.my
  • Choose your own exclusive number or selection of existing numbers
  • Attach your documents
    • IC: for personal/individual application
    • ROC/ROB: for corporate/business application
  • Submit your application form to POSBox outlet for processing



You know that Pos Malaysia is all about providing mail solutions and more.


At PosBox, you can:

  • Purchase stamps, registered mail barcode, Pos Ekspress envelope
  • Drop letters at Post Box
  • Acceptance counter for your business mail & parcel (in bulk)



Whatever your delivery needs are, we’re ready to assist


Domestic and international courier delivery

PosBox is your one-stop centre for local and international door-to-door delivery.  We provide premium service using the best expertise and network of Pos Malaysia and well other known international couriers.


Packaging supplies

Just bring your items to PosBox and you can find all the packing supplies and stationery you need, all under one roof.


Pick-up and packing services

For your convenience, we provide pick-up and packing services for bulky and multiple shipments. Just call our staff to set an arrangement.




We offer a variety of document services such as:

  • Printing: colour or black and white
  • Scanning: actual, enlargement and reduction
  • Laminating and binding



We know your business can’t run without effective communication. Hence, at PosBox, we offer:

  • Computer time rental equipped with internet access 
  • Fax services
Definitive Stamp


A definitive stamp is a postage stamp that is part of the regular issue of a country's stamps, available for sale by the post office for an extended period of time and designed to serve the everyday postal needs of the country and not necessarily relate to a particular event or anniversary.

Commonly, a definitive issue or series includes stamps in range of denominations sufficient to cover current postal rates. An "issue" generally means a set that is put on sale all at the same time, while a "series" is spread out over several years, but the terms are not precise. Additional stamps in a series may be produced as needed by changes in postal rates but some values may be permanently available, regardless of prevailing rates was also lower.

In Malaysia's, flora and fauna theme used in the production of definitive stamp since 1965. Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pos released birds series contains of eight pieces of stamps for each State in Malaysia. The Bird series stamp displays for 25sen stamp Burung Siul; Burung Murai Gajah for30 sen; Burung Kunyit Besar for 50sen; Burung Enggang for 75sen; Burung Merbok for $1; Burung Kuang for $ 2; Burung Murai Ekor Gading for $5; and Burung Pacat for $10.

The series lasted five years before being replaced by butterflies series until 1979. After that, replaced by animals series such as tigers, bats, deer, turtles, tenggiling, Gaur, tapir and Orang-utans. On 5th June 1986, National definitive Stamp first issued is being introduced with local fruits series such as belimbing, pisang emas, kuini, papaya, durian, mangosteen and rambutan.

The longest Stamp series issued in Malaysia was agriculture-themed series, from 1986 until 2005. This series showcases the diversity of agricultural crops cultivated in Malaysia, namely cocoa, coconut, black pepper, rubber, oil palm, and rice. However, at this point the fruit-themed definitive stamps still being used especially for the higher definitive stamp face value.

In 2005, the bird series took place next. Among the birds found in this stamp series was Burung Tekukur, Burung Merbah Beringin, Burung Bayan Nuri, Burung Murai Batu, Burung Kelicap Bukit, Burung Punai Tanah, Burung Pacat Bukit and Burung Pergam Besar. These stamps was issued in eight denominations, namely 20 cents, 30 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, 75 cents, RM1, RM2 and RM5 The latest series (2010) is a series of stamps with the theme of National Garden flower with a face value of 30 cents, 50 cents, 60 cents, 70 cents, 80 cents, 90 sen, RM1 and RM2. The display design that appears on the stamp was Bunga Seri Pagi, Bougainvillea, Hibiscus and two new designs, flower Rosary and flowers Cempaka.

However, Pos Malaysia still use some of the definitive stamp. The stamp has a face value of 5 cents and definitive 10 sen stamp with the theme Gardden Flower’s series. While the stamp booklet has a face value of 40 cent definitive, RM5, RM10 and RM20 using fruit theme series.

  1. 1965 - Siri Orkid
  2. 1965 - Siri Burung Kebangsaan
  3. 1970 - Siri Rama Rama (I)
  4. 1971 - Siri Rama Rama (II)
  5. 1979 - Siri Haiwan
  6. 1979 - Siri Bunga (I)
  7. 1986 - Siri Buah
  8. 1986 - Siri Pertanian
  9. 2005 - Siri Burung
  10. 2007 - Siri Bunga (II)
  11. 2010 - Siri Taman Bunga Kebangsaan

* RM5 discount for Zoo Negara Entry ticket (Adult) with every Purchase of Stamp Booklet priced at RM3.


    • Available at selected 65 post office counters within Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and PosBox Bangsar South.
    • Consist of 5 units of definitive stamps at RM0.60 denomination.
    • The tickets can be redeemed at Zoo Negara counters only.
    • Please bring along the stamp booklet during redemption.
    • This promotion is valid until 31st December 2016.
    • Get it now, WHILE STOCKS LAST!
    • One stamp booklet cutting discount is only valid for one Adult's entrance ticket.


Please click here for the full list of selected post office branches.

Please click here to browse through our FAQs on Definitive Stamp Booklet RM3.

Pos Daftar

Pos Daftar

Pos Daftar, or Registered Mail, is a value-added service for delivery of valuable or important goods or documents. This service provides proof of delivery and track and trace features for customers.


A receipt will be issued as evidence of mailing at the time of posting. The recipient is required to sign a delivery receipt upon receiving the letter.


Compensation will be given in case of any loss or damage, confined to Pos Malaysia Berhad's terms and conditions.


There are two additional services offered for Pos Daftar. Customers are required to pay an additional postage for any of these services:

  • Acknowledgement Receipt (AR)
    • Sender will receive an acknowledgement upon the receipt of the item by the intended addressee.
    • Tick the AR box on the Pos Daftar barcode label - obtain AR card from the post counter.
    • Pay the AR fees in the form of postage stamps 65 cent (with 6% GST) for within Malaysia, and RM1.60 (with 6% GST) for other countries.
    • Affix the stamps at the top right hand corner of the envelope - attach AR card to the Pos Daftar item.
  • For overseas posting, limitation and types of items that can be insured depend on the availability of the service and the procedures imposed by the country of destination. Customers are advised to enquire about this at the nearest Post Office.

Customer can register the mail by using normal envelope:

  • Get a Pos Daftar label from the counter.
  • Fill it accordingly.
  • Submit it at the counter staff.
  • Pos Daftar or Registered Mail must be posted at the counter. Do not post at any posting box.


Domestic labels:

  • Available at the counter at RM2.35 (with 6% GST) each, inclusive of postage for items weighing up to 20g.
  • For items above 20g, you can affix sufficient postage stamps at the top right hand corner of the envelope.
  • For domestic posting, this label enables tracking of item until its delivery to the addressee.


Pos Daftar Fee Details


 Track On 1


 Domestic  RM2.20

 =RM2.20 + 0.13

 =RM2.33 (Rounding Up)


 Registration fees (RM1.60) and

 posting fees less than 20g


 Track On 2


 International  RM4.60




 Registration fees (RM1.60) and service

 charge of (RM3.00) for transmission of

 a registered postal article to a foreign

 destination (does not include posting

 fees based on destination and weight).

 Track On 7


 Domestic with


 Receipt Card

 (AR Card)


 =RM2.80 + 0.17

 =RM2.97 (Rounding Up)


 Registration fees (RM1.60), posting

 fees less than 20g (RM0.60) and AR

 service fees (RM0.60). 


* Posting fees for Pos Daftar items are subject to size and weight only.

  • Available at the counter at RM2.35 (with 6% GST) each, inclusive of postage for items weighing up to 20g.
  • For items above 20g, you can affix sufficient postage stamps at the top right hand corner of the envelope.
  • For domestic posting, this label enables tracking of item until its delivery to the addressee.


Alternatively, customers can also purchase a specific Pos Daftar Envelope (SP1) at the Post Offices that costs RM2.65 (with 6% GST) each, which is inclusive of Pos Daftar charges and postage for items weighing up to 50g. However, this envelope can only be used for domestic delivery.


Pos Daftar that cannot be delivered due to various circumstances or have not being claimed will be returned to the customer after 15 working days. Hence, customers must ensure they write a complete address on the envelope.


Pos Daftar delivery status

  • Call the nearest Post Office or our Pos Line at 1-300-300-300
  • Customers can obtain an enquiry form from the Post Office, fill up and hand it over to the Post Office


All Pos Daftar enquiries should be made no later than six months from the date of posting.


For more information on the revised zones and tariffs, kindly refer to the specific product stated below International Mail or contact our customer care.

Exchange of Track-On 1 with Track-On 7 (AR card)


Pos Daftar Track-On 1 label 

  • Track and trace and proof of delivery services

Pos Daftar Track-On 7 label 

  • Track and trace and proof of delivery services.
  • In addition to that, it also has an Acknowledgement Receipt Card (AR Card). The card will be signed by the recipient and returned to sender.

Terms and conditions for the exchange 


  • The exchange process will start from 28 March 2012 until 20 April 2012 only.
  • A service charge of 5% or RM5 (whichever is higher) will be charged on total value of Track-On 1 Label that need to be exchange with Track-On Label 7
  • The exchange form is available at all Pos Offices throughout Malaysia
  • The exchange process can only be made at General Post Offices except in P. Pinang & Sarawak (Refer Appendix 1)
  • Please bring along all Track-On 1 Label that need to be exchanged with a completed filled form and submit to Pengurus Operasi Negeri or Pengurus Operasi Wilayah (Refer Appendix 1)
  • Kindly ensure that the Track-On 1 label is genuine and not in used or have some writing on it
  • Please fill Pos 07 12 (1) form (Refer Appendix 2) and please ensure that you get a copy for claim purpose. The exchange process will took 3 to 4 weeks
  • All client who request for the exchange will be informed once approved. Kindly bring along a copy of Pos 07 12 (1) Form for proof of application




Appendix 1

Appendix 2