Kelab Setem & Filateli (KESEF)


Kelab Setem & Filateli (KESEF) was established by Pos Malaysia Berhad (Pos Malaysia) in 2016 and is recognized as part of the schools’ curriculum agenda by the Ministry of Education Malaysia. The idea to establish KESEF is one of Pos Malaysia’s initiatives to inculcate stamp collecting hobby among children.

Since its establishment till present, there are currently 381 schools throughout Malaysia had set with membership reaching nearly 32,000 members.

Several activities had been carried out under the KESEF program and among them we:


  1. Stamp Design Competition;
  2. Stamp Folio Writing Competition;
  3. KESEF’s Slogan Writing Competition; and
  4. Stamp Folio Writing Workshop.


Majlis Anugerah KESEF Cemerlang is an annual event held to honor and acknowledge schools that have shown outstanding commitment and achievement throughout the years. Among the categories were contested in this excellence award are as below:


  1. Kelab Setem & Filateli Terbaik;
  2. Keahlian KESEF Terbaik;
  3. Folio Setem Terbaik;
  4. Sudut Setem Terbaik;
  5. Guru Penyelaras KESEF Terbaik; and
  6. Keusahawanan Setem Ku KESEF.


The winners/participants received certificate of participation and recognition at National level.  Concurrently, some of the schools had the opportunity to present their stamp folio during international events and received internal accolades for their efforts in the international arena.    

Please download the PDF file from the link below: