Pos Malaysia Packing Guidelines

20 Jan 2021

We’ve created a simple guide to help pack your parcels the right way. 

1. Check the weight limit

All packaging is designed for different weight limits. Make sure to read the printed label on your packaging and weigh it before shipping it off. Overweight packaging will incur additional charges upon delivery. You can find all kinds of packaging here!

2. Check the fit

This might sound obvious but make sure that your items fit the packaging. A package that isn’t square or rectangular in shape will require extra care as it won’t be as stackable as conventional boxes. Reduce the empty space inside your package to avoid your items from being damaged during transit.

3. No dangerous or prohibited items, please!

We don’t ship items that are classified as poisonous, flammable, corrosive, explosive etc. Watch our video on Dangerous Goods and Prohibited Items to learn more. 

4. Ship your items in separate packages.

Please don’t bundle your items together. For example, if you are shipping two boxes, don’t stick them together, even if it’s addressed to the same recipient; the adhesive may tear during transit leading to loss or misidentification of your parcels.

5. Label your parcels

It helps to declare the contents of your parcels so that we can properly arrange how it will be handled and shipped e.g. fragile items and small packages will be shipped differently. 

Need help? AskPos here or reach out to our counter staff for more info. 


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