How To Recognise Email Scams and Avoid Being A Victim

2021-01-20 04:00 AM

Cybercriminals are often targeting individuals via emails closely resembling legitimate ones such as from banks, government agencies and organisations like Pos Malaysia. In these fraudulent emails, the sender will normally ask recipients to click on a link that takes them to a fake website to phish (steal) personal data, credit card information and others.

Don’t click on the link. If you have received such email from us, please delete it immediately as Pos Malaysia does not send unsolicited emails to our customers to ask for payment or sensitive information.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, customers may utilise the “Semakmule” portal at provided by the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) and the government’s portal, to check and learn about the latest fraudulent tactics. Please help us by sharing this information to your friends and family. Thank you.