Dangerous Goods & Prohibited Items


17 Nov 2020

You can send anything with Pos Malaysia except for the items listed under Dangerous Goods and Prohibited Items.

Dangerous Goods

The following items are classified as Dangerous Goods:

1. Explosives
Examples of explosives include firearms, fireworks and bombs.

2. Gases
Examples of gases include butane lighter, butane gas and medical oxygen, aerosols.

3. Flammable Liquids
Examples of flammable liquids include paints, petrol, thinner, alcohol and perfumery products.

4. Flammable Solids
Examples of flammable solids include matches, lighters and sulphur.


5. Oxidising Substances and Organic Peroxides
Examples of oxidising substances and organic peroxides include bleach, peroxide, fibreglass and repair kits.

6. Toxic and Infectious Substance
Examples of the toxic and infectious substance include poison, virus culture and pathology specimens.

7. Radioactive Material
Examples of radioactive material include a smoke detector and x-ray.


8. Corrosive Materials
Examples of corrosive materials include batteries, acids, mercury, alkaline and caustic soda.

9. Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods
Includes materials that may combust or emit gasses including lithium batteries, asbestos, dry ice and etcetera.


Prohibited Item

The following items are classified as Prohibited Items:

1. Liquids (of any type)
2. Live plants
3. Drugs, narcotics and paraphernalia
4. Firearms, weaponry, their parts or ammunition including imitations.
5. Human parts/remains (including cremated ashes)
6. Articles which may endanger health, safety and environment or damage other items
7. Jewellery, gold, antiques and precious stones
8. Animals (including insects, eggs, larva, birds and ivory)
9. Coins, currency notes, bullions, credit cards and Bearer Negotiable Instrument
10. Counterfeit and pirated goods (including CDs, VCDs and DVDs)
11. Pornographic and/or obscene materials.

If you have a question about Dangerous Goods or Prohibited Items, you can chat with AskPos or read our FAQ.