National Definitive Series - Iconic Marine Life Stamp Strip
As part of our National Definitive Series, we celebrate the rich biodiversity of our marine life with iconic aquatic animals that you can find off the coast of Malaysia. Look out for the Hawksbill Turtle, the Small Giant Clam, the Dugong, the Indo-Pacific Humpback, and the Whale Shark, all featured on our stamps and envelopes.

This product consist of:

● 5 Hawksbill Turtle stamps : (RM1.30)
● 5 Humpback Dolphin stamps : (RM1.40)
● 5 Whale Shark stamps : (RM1.50)
● 5 Small Giant Clam stamps : (RM1.70)
● 5 Dugong stamps : (RM1.90)

Date of issue: 18.06.2020
Place of issue: Kuala Lumpur

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