05 Feb 2020


KUALA LUMPUR, 5 FEBRUARY 2020 – Pos Malaysia Berhad (Pos Malaysia) will be issuing another stamp collection entitled ‘Malaysian Calligraphy Series 2’. This collection will be available to collectors and stamp enthusiasts on Thursday, 6 February 2020 across post offices nationwide.

Calligraphy is an ancient visual art and the oldest form of communication still widely used in the world today. Malaysia, as a multiracial and multicultural country is blessed to have both modern and classical calligraphies from different scriptures including Jawi, Tamil and Chinese.

Pos Malaysia’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Syed Md Najib said, “Pos Malaysia is honoured to issue the second series of the Malaysian Calligraphy stamp collection with three stamp designs featuring Jawi, Tamil and Chinese calligraphic art designed around the theme of Peace, Prosperity and Happiness. All three designs are presented together to show the multicultural and multiracial aspects of Malaysia, which is something that we Malaysians are proud of.”

Pos Malaysia is producing a total of 800,000 pieces of the stamps in 60sen, 80sen and RM1.00 denominations for this collection.

Together with the issue, Pos Malaysia is also issuing a special Miniature Sheet (MS) featuring the combination of all three calligraphies. Only 30,000 copies of MS are being produced and is available for purchase at RM3.00 apiece. For avid collectors, the issuance comes with an exclusive cancellation marks with calligraphy tools design completing the aesthetics of the collection.

The 30,000 copies of First Day Covers (FDC) are available for purchase at 50sen each while customers may purchase both the FDC with MS at just RM5.90. The 1,800 folder is on sale for RM6.00 apiece. The complete folder set can be purchased at RM39.40 each.

The stamps and philatelic products will be available for purchase at all Post Offices across the country, and at our online store at eziemall.com under the “Stamps & Collectibles” link.
For further enquiry on stamps and other philatelic products, the Stamp and Philately Unit of Pos Malaysia can be reached via telephone at 03-2267 2267 ext. 2000 or e-mail your queries to filateli@pos.com.my.

Stay up to date with Pos Malaysia’s services, activities and other updates at pos.com.my, Facebook (facebook.com/PosMalaysiaBerhad) and Instagram (instagram.com/pos4you).


About Pos Malaysia Berhad

Pos Malaysia Berhad (Pos Malaysia) is the nation’s postal service provider and has a network of more than 1,000 touch points across the country, encompassing post offices, Pos Mini, Pos24 (self-service terminals), Pos-on-Wheels (Mobile Outlets), e-Commerce hub, Pos Laju outlets and service centers, Pos Laju Go2U (Mobile Outlets), Pos Laju Kiosks, Pos Laju EziBox and Pos Laju Prepaid Dropbox, as well as postal and stamp agents, offering Malaysians the most extensive postal retail network.

With a track record of over 200 years, Pos Malaysia has progressed and evolved from being a mail and postal services provider to becoming a dynamic communication, financial services and supply chain solutions provider. Pos Malaysia will continue to transform and innovate with the current times to sustain its competitive edge as well as continue to connect Malaysians with the rest of the world.

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