King Of Fruits In Malaysia - Durian Folder Set

The King Of Fruits In Malaysia - Durian stamp Folder Set features the famous fruit found in Malaysia, belonging to the genus Durio. Easily distinguished for its strong aroma and yet, creamy texture, the fruit is recognised as one of the most polarising delicacies in the world.


In this set, we’re featuring 5 durians that are highly sought after by durian lovers from all over the world including the Buluh Bawah D160, Duri Hitam D200, Durian Kampung Premium, Durian Dalit and the Durian Raja Kunyit D197.

This Folder Set includes:


●     5 Durian Buluh Bawah D160 stamps (RM0.60)

●     5 Durian Duri Hitam D200 stamps (RM0.60)

●     5 Durian Kampung Premium stamps (RM0.60)

●     5 Durian Dalit stamps (RM0.60)

●     1 Miniature Sheet (MS)

●     1 First Day Cover with stamp

●     1 First Day Cover with Miniature Sheet (MS)

●     1 Folder

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