EziFulfiment Services is a total e-fulfilment solutions provides:

- Origin Pick-up (by Air/Land/Ship)

- Warehousing / storage

- Order management

- Pick and Pack

- Last miles delivery (Domestic / International)

- Return managemant

Any merchant or entrepreneur that owns a Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and SMEs that runs online or offline business, EziFulfilment Services is for you.

You can look forward to great end-to- end e-fulfilment solutions that includes shipping, storage, distribution and last mile delivery with reliability, service efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Plus, if you are a PosLaju contract customer, you can enjoy these benefits now.

We provide the following services:

i) Warehousing

a) Storage

b) Inventory management

c) Insurance Coverage

d) Bonded & Non Bonded storage

e) Audit trail

ii) Order management

a) Ready Application Programming Interface

b) Consolidation of multiple orders

c) Integration with multiple e-marketplaces

iii) Pick & Pack

a) Picking up goods

b) Packing goods

c) Customised packaging

d) E-consignment notes

iv) Last-mile delivery

a) Wide delivery coverage - domestic and international (Last-mile delivery)

b) Track & trace

c) Return management

d) Cash on Delivery (COD)

e) Proof of Delivery (POD)

v) Value added services

a) Pick-up service (First-mile)

Let us do the hard work while letting you focus on growing your business.

We can help you with:

- Managing your business aspects from storage, inventory management, order processing, pick & pack, delivery and returns more efficiently

- Reducing fix costs such as manpower, machine, material and rental

- Having peace of mind with our insurance coverage that covers products that are in our storage facilities

- Around the clock security

- Directing product collection for delivery by courier (Pick-up at warehouse)

- Providing Pos Laju’s proof of delivery (POD)

- Monitoring all orders and transactions via Pos Laju EziFulfilment System

Do reach out to our team through the following channels.

i) +603 2267 2036

Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 5.30pm

(except for public holidays)

ii) ezifulfilment@pos.com.my

EziFulfilment Services warehouses are located at:

1. Pos Logistics warehouse. Bukit Kemuning, Shah Alam (Non-bonded)

2. Pos Logistics warehouse, Port Klang (Non-bonded)

3. Pos Malaysia International Hub (PMIH), KLIA, Sepang (Bonded and Non-bonded)

We have a total of 1.5 million sqft. of storage space, countrywide.

- Per pallet size = 1.0m x 1.0m x 1.0m

- Shelves with bin box size = 600mm x 450mm x 300mm

- 1 pallet location size = 4 shelves with bin storage.

- Free access to the EziFulfilment system

- Insurance coverage for the stored items

- End-to- end fulfilment solution (first-mile, mid-mile and last-mile)

Services Rates Remarks
(per Pallet)
RM1.10 per day RM 33.00 per month minimum charges
(per Pallet)
RM26.60 (In & Out) Only pallet movement, bulk movement
Pick & Pack RM2.10/item Loose movement after break bulk by item basis.

The stated rates include:

- Space

- Security (in storage)

- Order management and Inventory system

- Insurance (in storage)

- Manpower

- Reports

EziFulfilment Services enables First-In First-Out (“FIFO”) and First Expired First Out(“FEFO”) features.

Yes. EziFulfilment Services handle international postal and courier.

Return Management is a service that manages the return of undelivered items back to the warehouse or vendor. The service includes these steps.

1. Pick up goods from consignee’s address

2. Deliver returned goods to EziFulfilment Services warehouse

3. Receiving activity at EziFulfilment Services warehouse

4. Inbound checking activity

5. Unpack & put away activity

6. Storage activity

eziEmall E-store is a complete ecommerce solution by Pos Malaysia that allows you to setup your online store to sell your products.

eziEmall-Estore offers you 2 options:-

1. Eziemall-E2E

Eziemall-E2E package is an end to end solution from Pos Malaysia which consists of E-store Platform, Payment Solution, Fulfillment Services (Storage & Handling) and Poslaju Last Mile Delivery service. Estore is integrated with the Fulfillment system to provide you seamless order fulfillment.

2. Ezimall-E4M (soon)

Eziemall-E4M package offers Sellers E-store Platform & Payment Solution. Integration with Poslaju Ezisend Solution (Pay Per Use) will assist you to manage the delivery.

1. Eziemall-E2E

Estore: Free e-store when you subscribe Pos Malaysia

Fulfilment & Poslaju services.

Transaction charge: 3-5% upon every successful transaction **

Payment Gateway service: 2% upon successful transaction. **

2. Eziemall-E4M

Estore: RM1500

Transaction charge: 3-5% upon successful transaction**

Payment gateway service: 2% upon successful transaction**

** Not including GST 6%

You can email to support.eziemall@pos.com.my and we will get in touch with you or you may submit your interest by filling up the form at:

  1. https://goo.gl/forms/Hk0Bc6LawHC1oCne2 or
  2. scan the qr code:

- eziEmall eStore package will allow you to focus on your core area of business ( sourcing, selling) while eziEmall manages all order fulfillment activities

- Convenience of managing all the required ecommerce services from a single vendor including eStore, Fulfilment, Payment Gateway and last mile delivery

- Benefit from the marketing and promotional activities that will be taken up by Pos Malaysia to promote eziEmall platform as a whole

Eziemall-Estore is a web based solution. It means no installation required and accessible via all major browsers with mobile web capabilities allowing you to manage your site from your mobile devices.

To start selling, you just need to publish your product in Eziemall-Estore. We will assist you to configure payment and fulfilment integration with your store. For onboarding, we will show you the way on how to upload and manage your E-store. Don’t worry, we will not leave you by yourself.

At this moment, it will be via eziEmall subdomain. Your own domain will be allowed in near future.

For E2E subscribers, what you need to do is to stay still and enjoy watching us do the order management for you. Integration with fulfillment and delivery services will allow us to quickly and automatically mobilize order fulfillment activity as soon as your customer completes the transaction.
For E4M subscriber, you will need to login to view your order and proceed with preparing your parcel. You can use our Ezisend service (pick-up service) to schedule your parcel pick up from your premise.

For Eziemal-Estore, the integrated payment gateway allows your customer to pay using FPX, Debit or Credit Card to perform the transaction.

Eziemall will register you as our merchant and we will reimburse to all merchant every 3rd of the month ( not including public holiday, Saturday & Sunday)

For any enqueries and support on eziEmall, please contact our Customer Care Helpline at +603 2267 2207 or email support.eziemall@pos.com.my