Exotic Food Stamp Strip Sheet
The Malaysian people's love for food can sometime be extraordinary. Malaysia is well-known for its various exotic food; found in states and locations throughout the country. To some, exotic food such as the Valanga Grasshopper, Beronok, Malayan Porcupine and Horseshoe Crab are rare or unheard of, but to some, these are the most sought after cuisines to appease the pallet.

This product consist of:

● 4 Acaudina Salad stamps : (RM0.60)
● 4 Fried Grasshopper stamps : (RM0.60)
● 4 Porcupine Rendang & Steak stamps : (RM0.60)

Date of issue: 19.02.2019
Place of issue: Kuala Lumpur

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