Electric Train Service Stamp Strip Sheet
The KTM Electric Train Service or better known as ETS was launched in 2010 after the completion of the electrification and double-tracking of the rail tracks from Rawang to Ipoh. It is an inter-city rail service utilising electric powered train carriages. It is the fastest metre gauge train service in Malaysia. The trains travel up to 160 km/h on electrified metre gauge rail line.

This product consist of: 5 Electric Train Service (ETS) (Kelas 91) stamps (RM0.60) 5 Electric Train Service (ETS) (Kelas 92) stamps (RM0.60) 5 Electric Train Service (ETS) (Kelas 93) stamps (RM0.80) Date of issue: 28.11.2018 Place of issue: Kuala Lumpur

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