Code of Conduct and Business Ethics






Pos Malaysia Code of Conduct and Business Ethics is based on our commitment towards
operating in a considerable and fair manner. The main purpose of this code is to ensure all
employees, officers in this organisation will observe the highest standards of integrity and
personal ethics when conducting a manner on behalf of the company. Pos Malaysia does
not tolerate any form of misconduct and unethical principal under any circumstances.
The code is to guide the employee to achieve and retain a high standard of business
ethics and to display professional conduct while performing duties at the workplace.
However, the code is not a comprehensive manual that guides us while executing our
duties. This code will serve as a guideline on the main policies and procedures.
It is the responsibility of the company to uphold and preserve the image and the
reputation of the company as well as the company’s assets through a just and consistent
administrative manner and concurrently to produce disciplined, efficient and productive




All employees of the company are to perform their duties and responsibilities in an
efficient manner skilfully as well as maintaining a disciplined/favourable conduct at all




The discipline in the company is referred to as the obligation towards the rules and
regulations to achieve the desired objective and level of productivity set by the company.




Misconduct in service refers to an employees’ conduct or actions which contradicts or is
conflicting with his/her agreeable contract or any terms and conditions determined by the
company in a written on unwritten manner.




The company has the right to impose disciplinary actions against any employee who are
found to be against the code of conduct, inefficient or negligent in performing their duties
that is not in line with the set of rules and regulations listed in the Employment Contract,
Mutual Agreement, Employees’ Terms and Conditions Book, Disciplinary Procedure or any
rules that had been set by the company.