Window Delivery Ticket (WDT)

  • The Window Delivery Ticket service solution provides equal privilege and access to mail collection for all Malaysians.
  • With this service, we resemble your 'second home' with added security as mails can only be collected with a delivery ticket.
  • Collection period: Office hours.
Window Delivery Ticket  120.00

What is P.O. Box & Locked Bag?

P.O. Box and Locked Bag are private and reliable delivery solution service, which allows mails to be addressed to a unique addresses at Post Office premises nationwide.

Non Commercial Commercial
P.O. Box  50.00 200.00
Locked Bag 200.00 200.00

How P.O. Box & Locked Bag service benefits you?

- P.O Box & Locked bag address gives a more formal image of your business

- Collection of mails at your convenience

- Convenient way of receiving big number of mails (Locked Bag)

How to subscribe to P.O. Box & Locked Bag service?

Step 1 Step 2
Visit any Post Office
Register for a P.O. Box in any offices in Malaysia.
Collect key at your P.O. Box office
Begin using your new P.O. Box/Locked Bag address in all your business correspondence