Simplifying mail time with Franking

One of the oldest methods to ensure the great bulk of business mail gets sent easily. With just one machine, you can imprint hundreds of impressions or stamp value on your postal items.

Through a franking machine, your postal items will have a posting date and value of posting paid where the stamp usually is. This time saving method gives you freedom of quantity and also imparts a great sense of professionalism with your own unique franking imprint.


Why Franking is right for you

- In-house postage solution

- One machine to process hundreds of mail items

- Saves time in comparison to individually stamping

- Have your own brand’s unique franking impression

- Easy pre-installed credit reload on franking machine

- Useable for any ordinary mail, parcel, registered or international mail

How to get Franking services in 4-steps!

Step 1 Step 2

Select and pick your machine from preferred Authorised Franking Machine Vendors

Register your chosen franking machine, personalised postage imprint and preferred post office

Step 3 Step 4

Top up your franking machine credit (cash, cheque, bank draft, TT or local purchase order (Gov. only))

Franking Away!
Start franking all sorts of mails, parcels, Registered Mails and International mails

Franking Posting Docket

What is a Corporate Postal Solutions (CPS)?

Corporate Postal Solutions service manages all incoming and outgoing mail, including inter-department mail delivery, courier management and hand delivered mail (despatch services).

Our background in Corporate Postal Solutions business

- 1994: First Outsourced Mailroom at PNB

- 1995: First Mailroom for Bank - CIMB

- 1997: Contract with Petronas KLCC

- 1998: First Mailroom for University - UIA

- 2008: In-House CMMS System Installed

- To-date: 50 over Mailrooms throughout Malaysia

Our Customers

What types of CPS service available for selection?

Type Services Resources Requirement

Type A:
Full package (total mailroom services)
1. Management of Incoming Mail Depends on the workload and volume of mail
2. Management of Outgoing Mail
3. Management of Internal Mail Distribution
4. Despatch Services

Type B:
Despatch Only
Despatch services to regular places & addresses such as:

- Banks

- Bank Negara


- Stamping office

- Income tax office

- Customer’s branches and other areas as per agreement

One Postman and one motorcycle – (more resources required if to cover more areas)

Type C:
Pick-up services
Collection of bulk mail (PosJelas) from client’s office or vendor’s office and send to Post Office for posting One van and driver

How can CPS serve your business?

Efficient management of Incoming Mail & Internal Delivery

Efficient Management Of Outgoing Mail, Internal Collection & Despatch Services

How CPS Service benefits you?

Web based reporting

- Reduce paperwork & double handling by using system interfaces to capture data & immediately store it in the system

- Increase the efficiency of gathering data needed to generate reports accurately

Time Saving & Convenient

- Improve productivity & lower costs by increasing efficiency in everyday work processes

- Faster entry by using barcode scanner to capture registered products

Efficient coordination

- Improve response time between mailroom and head office

- Real time performance monitoring by head office & customer

How to subscribe to CPS Service?

Step 1 Step 2
Contact us!
We will do a business presentation to you for an overview of CMM service at your convenience.
Tell us about your service requirements.
In order to understand your business operation, mail volume, points of delivery and resources requirement, we will visit your premise to perform site scoping.
Step 3 Step 4
We will propose best solution
We will prepare a proposal based on your requirements & site visit.
Contract signing & commence mailroom service
Upon contract signing, you may begin to enjoy our mailroom services during the tenure of the contract.

Time Saving

Postage (PPI) for your mails is printed in-house instead of affixing stamps manually


- Online customer portal enables customers to manage and control their own account

- Able to lodge many types of mail and postal items

Easy Reload Channels

- Cash

- Bank Draft

- Company Cheque

- Local Purchase Order

- TT

How to subscribe to Bulk Mail Service?

Step 1 Step 2

Visit our nearest 30 Business Mail Centre (BMC)

Apply for Bulk Mail Service
Fill in application form (PosMel 60-01/MPM/2016) and attach these documents:

- A copy of NRIC or Passport

- A copy of Company Registration Form (Borang 13)

- A copy of Form 9, 24 & 44 (for Company)

- A sample of mock-up PPI envelope

Step 3 Step 4
Reload a minimum of RM1,000 into your imprest account
Your imprest account will be accessible thru MaRS Portal ( for balance enquiry and transactions
Start posting your mails!

- A minimum of 100 mails per posting – tie your mails in 50 or 100 pieces per bundle

- Sorted by mail category

- Direct deduction from your imprest account upon posting at BMC

Application of Prepaid Mail Services

Slap on Definitive Stamps

Get definitive stamps for your business that come in different types of denominations. These practical stamps are the contemporary way to make sure your items are delivered.
Besides these definitive stamps, we also have Commemorative limited edition stamps for special occasions. These are not only collectors’ items but also a wonderful edition to any mailer.

What can you send with stamps

- Ordinary Mail

- Postcards

- Tracked Small Packet

- PosDaftar

Register those important Business Mails

When you have important documents or parcels that need a watchful eye, then putting it on Registered Business Mail will give you and your receiver peace of mind. With our signature track and trace feature, you not only will know where it is but also when your receiver accepts your mail through acknowledgement receipts.

Why Registered Business Mail is right for you

- Perfect for documents, legal documents or summons

- Self-printed labels using our BEST system

- Easy add-on for any mail item

- Online trace with tracking number

- Proof of posting logged over post office counter of Bulk Mail Centre (BMC)

- Proof of delivery with receiver’s signature

- Redelivery service of item to sender

- Compensation for loss or damages (up to RM92)

Label Type Functionality Postage Info Price (RM)
Track on 8 Domestic delivery for commercial Service Fee (RM1.80). Postage fee – less than 20gm (RM1.30) RM3.10
Track on 9 Domestic delivery for commercial with acknowledgement of Receipt (AR) Card – proof of delivery legally recognized in court of law Service Fee (RM1.80). Postage fee – less than 20gm (RM1.30) – AR Service fee (RM1.00) RM4.10

*For postage exceeding RM1.30, additional postage shall be affixed to the mail according to the mail category.

When to expect your Registered Item

Destination Delivery Time (Workdays)
Within state (Peninsular Malaysia) Up to 3 - 4 days
State-to-state (Peninsular Malaysia) Up to 4 – 5 days
Peninsular to East Malaysia (vice versa) Up to 7 – 8 days

Borang Kiriman Banyak Barang-Barang Berdaftar

Doket Pengeposan Barang-Barang Berdaftar

Ship off bulk order smoothly with My Distribution

Making sure your business-related items are shipped out on time no matter the quantity is what My Distribution is all about. Specialising in bulk goods and merchandise posting, you can be sure that it can be delivered nationwide.

Why My Distribution is right for you

- Send minimum 30kg bulk goods and merchandise

- No maximum weight limit nationwide

- Door-to- door collection and posting

- Proof of Delivery (Delivery Order)

- Great for posting anywhere nationwide

Grab a Package Just for You

Basic Package Premium Package

- Limited postage coverage (Peninsular Malaysia only/Sabah only/Sarawak only)
- Hub-to-hub service only (MPC to MPC/Mail Centre)
- Sender self-serve lodgement to post centres
- Recipients self-collects at hub

- Extensive postage coverage between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah/Sarawak
- Business to Business (B2B) service
- Business to Customer (B2C) service
- Collection & delivery services by My Distribution team

When to expect your My Distribution

Destination Delivery Time (Workdays)
Within state (Peninsular Malaysia/Sabah/Sarawak) 4 days
Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah/Sarawak (vice versa) 7 days
Sabah to Sarawak (vice versa) 7 days

Posting Tracked Small Packets Right

Worry no more then you have to post a small package, as long as they weigh less than 2kg, then Business Small Packets is the solution you need. Not only it is simple but it's also the most economical way solution for small packets.

Tracked Small Packets Rates

Weight Postage (RM)
Up to 50g 2.50
50g - 100g 3.00
100g - 250g 3.50
250g - 500g 4.00
500g - 1kg 5.00
1kg - 2kg 7.00

Details to Keep in Mind

- Package most not exceed 600mm (L) x 200mm (W) x 100mm (T).

- If non-compliance is found on item, then said item will be charged as non-standard mail.