Warehouse Solution (EziFulfilment)

What is EziFulfilment Solutions?

Grow and expand your business with our Pos Laju total solutions for online start up, Small & Medium size entrepreneur (SME). It caters to the needs of customers who are looking for reliability and cost efficiency as top priority in their storage, shipping and delivery.

Let us do the heavy lifting while letting you focus on growing your business.

We can help you with:

  • Managing your business aspects from storage, inventory management, order processing and pick & pack, delivery and returns more efficiently
  • Peace of mind with our insurance coverage for products in our storage facilities
  • Around the clock security
  • Direct product collection for delivery by courier (Pick-up at warehouse)
  • Providing Pos Laju’s proof of delivery
  • Monitoring all orders and transactions via PosLaju EziFulfilment System

Product Features

EziFulfiment Services is a total e-fulfilment solutions providing the following:

FIRST MILE DELIVERY Pick-up from Origin (by Air/Land/Ship)
WAREHOUSING Pos Laju provides the necessary solutions involved with storage (Bonded & Non-bonded storage), inventory management, insurance coverage and audit trail.
ORDER MANAGEMENT Our ready Application Programming Interface (API) allows for a smoother management capable of consolidating multiple orders and also integrated with multiple e-marketplaces.
PICK & PACK Items stored can be picked and packed with customized packaging according to the selection with options for E-Consignment notes.
LAST MILE DELIVERY The massive delivery coverage made available from Pos Laju allows the options to deliver both domestic and International address. Track and trace service is also made available along with our return management services.


Please reach out to our team to subscribe to EziFulfilment Solutions:

Phone No: +603 2267 2135

Email: ezifulfilment@pos.com.my

Monday –  Friday : 8.30am – 5.30pm (except for public holidays)