Bulk Mail

Bulk Mail


With Bulk Mail, you can send 100 pieces and more of mails at one go through our Bulk Mail counters.


  • Send a minimum of 100 pieces at Bulk Mail Counters Nationwide.
  • Get rebates at the National Mail Centre, Shah Alam.
  • Initial payment of only RM1,000.
  • No Postage Paid license required.

*For postage exceeding RM1.30, additional postage shall be affixed to the mail according
to the mail category.

Weight Bulk Mail Rates*
Standard Non-Standard
Up to 20g 1.65 1.85
Above 20g to 50g 1.75
Above 50g to 100g NA 2.05
Above 100g to 250g NA 2.25
Above 250g to 500g NA 3.35
Above 500g to 1kg NA 4.85
Above 1kg to 2kg NA 6.35

*Pos Malaysia has the rights to revise the rates from time to time


You might need some stamps!