Standard Mail

Standard Mail


Want to send letters or documents? Our standard mail service delivers lightweight documents to all registered addresses in Malaysia.

Weight Requirements *Postage / Tariff (RM)
Up to 20gm 

Min dimension:

140mm (length) x 90mm (width) x0.25mm (thickness).


Max dimension:

250mm (length) x 65mm (width) x6.00mm (thickness).



paper, white or soft colored, non-glossy, does not contain any sprocket hole & completely sealed.


Does not contain any hard items

Must comply to envelope specifications for
standard mail. (Please refer to standard mail
envelope specifications).

20gm and above (Max 50gm) RM1.40

-For quantity below 100 pieces per lodgement only

*Pos Malaysia has the rights to revise the rates from time to time.

Standard Mail Envelope Specification


Postage Zone

74mm (length) x 40mm (width).


Sender's Zone

May contain the sender's name, address, logo or advertisement.


Recipient’s Zone

Name and address of the recipient written or printed in dark and non-luminous ink.


Barcode Zone

Should be blank 15mm from the bottom of the envelope.