Direct Mail

Direct Mail


With Direct Mail, you can target new consumer audiences through mail and sampling to promote your products and services.



Direct Mail Pricing

Weight *Standard DM (RM) *Non-Standard DM (RM)
Below 20g 1.10


>20g – 50g 1.20
>50g – 100g N/A 1.60
>100g – 250g 1.80
>250g – 500g 2.60
>500g – 1kg 3.70

Terms & Conditions


Direct Mail is classified as a non-priority service and will be processed on the following day of lodgement.

Minimum 100 pcs homogenous item per lodgement.

Pos Malaysia Berhad reserves the right to open mails for verification purposes.

Direct Mail items use prepaid mail license services. Additional charges of RM0.10 per piece will be imposed for non-licensed Direct Mail items

Items need to be sorted according to the Pos Malaysia Postcode sorting plan. Additional charges of RM0.10 per piece will be imposed for non-sorted Direct Mail items lodged at National Mail Centre (NMC), Shah Alam.

Prior to lodgement, mock up or sample items must be submitted to Pos Malaysia Berhad.

For Domestic destination posting only.


Downloads (PDF)

Prepaid Mail Account Registration Form

Pos Malaysia Postcode Sorting Plan

Download Terms & Conditions



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