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About Us

POS DIGICERT, was incorporated in February 1998 to pursue its objective as the premier licensed Certification Authority (CA) in Malaysia. As the Certification Authority, POS DIGICERT is responsible for the creation of digital identities through the use of digital certificates.


Digital certificates address a wide range of administrative and business processes that require proof of the identity of participants in a transaction; proof that the contents of communications have not been tampered with; and protection of sensitive or restricted data. In other words, digital certificate will address the three critical elements in Internet security, as follows:


  • Authentication
  • Integrity and Confidentiality
  • Non Repudiation


POS DIGICERT is in the centre of an effective trust model that the government is creating to address the issue of information security and the negative perception that has been painted in association with online transactions. Digital signatures, encryption, and the infrastructures to support their use are becoming essential for further growth of e-business in Malaysia.


Through focus, commitment and priority in utilizing home-grown security products, POS DIGICERT has undergone rapid growth to become the premier Certification Authority in Malaysia.


For further information on our products and services: https://www.digicert.com.my