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Our Community

We are highly committed towards building a
sustainable future and making a positive contribution
to the communities in which we operate..

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For our consumers

    We believe in
  • building fair and honest relationships with suppliers, vendor and contractors.
  • encouraging vendors to adapt ethical and suitable approach in their business practices (i.e green procurement)
  • maintaining high standards of transparency, quality, corporate governance and ethics
    Some of the activities we are commited to include:
  • Stakeholder engagement activities
  • Investor's briefings
  • Relationship building activities with clients and business partners
  • Open House for Hari Raya Aidilfitri
  • Distribution of festive hampers
  • Awards and recognitions (Reader's Digest Most Trusted Brand Award, etc.)
  • Relationship building with regulators by participating in their programmes and campaigns
  • Improving the condition and enhancement of our outlets

At the workplace

    To ensure
  • facilitate equal opportunities for employment
  • provide professional and personal development for all employees
  • promote healthy, respectful and safe working conditions to ensure high performance of our employees
    Some of the activities we are commited to include:
  • Scholarship with ICAM International University for our employees' children
  • Staff welfare contributions
  • Academic Excellence reward scheme for employees' children
  • Safety campaign for postmen and OSH campaign
  • Social activities for relationship building with stuff
    • Buka Puasa session & Open House for Hari Raya Aidilfitri
    • Sports Carnival
    • Pos Malaysia singing competition
    • Annual Dinner
  • Improving working conditions and environment for employees (office renovation, 5S and Gemba Kaizen Programmes)

In the community

    Through programmes and activities, we are commited to
  • giving back to society and building better futures for our customers and communities
  • being a responsible corporate citizen and making a positive contribution to society
    Some of the activities we are commited to include:
  • Donations for charitable causes
  • Disaster relief activities
  • Educational enhancement activities
    • School adoption programs
    • Orphanage adoption programs
    • Newspaper in Education sponsorships (NST & Utusan Malaysia)
  • Supporting the underprivileged and NGOs
  • Buka puasa session and donation to orphanage
  • Supporting the Government's aspirations and the national agenda

Our environment

    Instilling awareness and understanding of our environment by educating about
  • respect for the environment and reduction of energy consumption
  • how to use resources as efficient as possible
  • ways in which we can contribute to enhance the environment and its biodiversity
    Some of the activities we are commited to include:
  • Gotong-royong activities at state and HQ level
  • Recycling efforts at department level