About Us


With a track record of over 200 years, the Pos Malaysia Group has progressed from a traditional postal service into a dynamic mail and parcel services, financial services and supply chain solutions provider with the largest delivery and touchpoint network in Malaysia.

Senior Management Team


The leading force behind our organisational objectives, strategic planning and decision-making.

Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is responsible for the proper stewardship of the Pos Malaysia Group and its subsidiaries, and is entrusted with leading the business, optimising long-term financial returns and shareholder wealth creation.

Our Company


Discover the distinguishing attributes that set us

apart from the rest, and values that resonate with

our stakeholders.

Group of Companies


Learn more about the scope of our business.



We are an active member of international and regional postal unions that drives cooperation between postal administrations and industry players globally.

Awards and Recognitions


At Pos Malaysia, we are driven by our customer promise of “We deliver. We connect. We improve lives.” We believe in striving to be better in everything we do, as we consistently deliver quality service and delight our customers. The awards and recognitions we garnered show our commitment in delivering smiles in the last mile.