100 Tahun Piala Malaysia Stamp Sheet

The 100 Tahun Piala Malaysia or 100 Years of Piala Malaysia (Malaysia Cup) commemorative stamp issue celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Malaysia Cup tournament.

The Malaysia Cup has been the country’s most prestigious football tournament and one of oldest tournaments in Asian Region. Since the advent of the Malaysia Cup tournament in 1921, two trophies have been used namely the HMS Malaya Cup and the present-day Malaysia Cup.

This stamp issue comes with two stamp designs featuring the now and then Malaysia Cup trophies; the HMS Malaya trophy (RM1.90) and the current Malaysia Cup trophy (RM1.90).


This product includes:

●       1 stamp sheet (20 pcs of RM1.90 stamps)

Date of issue: 27.12.2021

Place of issue: Kuala Lumpur

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