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About Philately

What is Philately?

Philately can be described as the collecting and arranging of postal material i.e. postage stamps, postal routes, letters, covers and other material. This collection, be it stamps, covers etc. are usually documented to trace major historical events and other events.


It cannot be established when philately first started as a hobby as there is no known documentation. However, it can be ascertained that philately only started after the introduction of the postage stamp in 1840.


Collection of stamps adapted an approach with the introduction of stamps album. The first album was produced in England in 1852. Thus, when more postage stamps became available, the hobby of collecting stamps became quite common. More people began to take an interest in stamp collecting and philately began to develop. Many serious collectors emerged and one of the world's largest and oldest stamp collections is owned by the Queen of England. DYTM Raja Muda of Selangor is also reputed to have a good collection.


The word "philately" is said to have been coined in France in 1864 by Georges Herpin. It is from two Greek words: "philos" meaning loving and "llateleiall" meaning free of payment. Originally philately was more confined to the study of labels, representing payment for postal services. From here its area was widened to include the study of the systematic collection of postage stamps, postcards, postal covers, postmarks and other postal material.

Philately at Pos

Philately at Pos

The Philatelic Bureau in Malaysia was established with the sole purpose of instilling interest in the public to collect stamps not only as a hobby but as a very worthwhile activity.


The Bureau also actively promotes this special leisure pursuit to school children by visiting them at schools, educating the children about the value of stamps and instilling interest to collect stamps as well as by inviting them to visit the Stamp Gallery.


The Bureau also, without fail, introduces more than 10 themes of collector's stamps and philatelic items every year to meet the demand of today's collectors who come from all sections of society.


Philatelic items


  • Stamps
  • First Day Covers
  • Miniature Sheet
  • Folder
  • Presentation Pack
  • Stamp booklet
  • Commemorative cover
  • Annual Albums
  • Special Albums


The Philatelic Bureau actively participates in exhibitions in Malaysia as well as international stamps exhibitions. In the international arena, stamps play an important role as ambassadors of the country.


The Philatelic Bureau with the cooperation of the Philatelic Society of Malaysia, regularly meet to exchange ideas with stamps collectors on philately during stamp exhibitions, stamp fairs, stamp seminars held periodically throughout the country.

Stamp Gallery


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You can now check your SODA account balance from this page of our web site.

All you need to do is to enter your account number AND your NRIC (for Malaysian citizens) / Passport Number (for Non-Malaysian citizens)

Note : If you would like more details on Track and Trace or you are unable to proceed with your request due to incomplete information, please email your NRIC or Passport Number to filateli@pos.com.my

SetemKu Individual

SetemKu Individual

SetemKu Individual is issued by Pos Malaysia Berhad to cater for customers who want to feature their image during a special moment or occasion on stamps. These images together with the base stamp will form a valid postage stamp. Customers can order the special packages of RM500.00 (Bulk order) or individual sheets of each design.


SetemKu Individual is also available at our 12 General Post Offices, KLIA Post Office and at our promotion booths/road shows countrywide. Online purchase is available via www.posonline.com.my


SetemKu Individual is available in ten exclusive designs and allows individual to commemorate special events such as:


  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Engagements
  • Mother's day
  • Alumni’s
  • Birthdays
  • Father's day
  • Valentine's day
  • Special announcements such as the birth of a new baby
  • Others




Point of Sales / Booking Order form ( pdf format ) 
View form  

To download please right click and choose Save Target As. 
(1) Save target as for Internet Explorer or   
(2) Save link as for Netscape / Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome 

Click Here to Download Acrobat Reader
Delivery option Pick-up and delivery @ additional charges 
(Option to use Pos Laju for fast delivery)
Processing period Within seven working days upon approval 
(Please allow sufficient time for orders to be processed if they are to be used for special occasion / launching)
Mode of payment Cash/money order/cheque or credit card 
(at selected Pos outlets which offer SetemKu service only)
For online purchase via www.posonline.com.my, online banking & credit card are offered
Technical requirement For Photo:
Good quality 3R (approx. 85 x 125mm) or 4R (approx. 100x 150mm) Photo in vertical format

Font size (If any): At least 5 points 
*NOTE: Tolerance of 1mm skew and/or gap must be allowed. A hardcopy of visual (recommended 
background to match the based stamp colour to be submitted together with order form)
Design confirmation Based on design (at your own cost) submitted upon acceptance by both parties
Stamp size 28mm x 38mm (vertical format), 32mm x 27mm (horizontal format) & 30mm x 30mm (vertical format)
Minimum order 1 sheet (8 pieces/10 pieces & 20 pieces of stamps) 
Price There are 10 stamp designs to choose from. View designs 

1. Flower Bouquet 30 sen & 50 sen stamps RM19.00 & RM28.00
2. Teddy Bear 30 sen & 50 sen stamps RM19.00 & RM28.00
3. Heart 30 sen & 50 sen stamps RM19.00 & RM28.00
4. National Icon 30 sen & 50 sen stamps RM19.00 & RM28.00
5. 1Malaysia 60 sen stamps RM19.00
6. Silver Handicraft Mixed 35sen & 65 sen stamps RM20.00
7. Celebration 60 sen stamps RM19.00
8. Flag 60 sen stamps RM19.00
9. Greetings 60 sen stamps RM19.00
10. Yours Sincerely 60 sen stamps RM19.00

* Per stamp sheet = 8/10/20 based stamps and 8/10/20 empty tabs 
View sample 

Terms and Conditions Apply
Contact information Philatelic Bureau
2nd Floor, Stamp Gallery, Stamp & Philately Unit
Pos Malaysia Berhad Headquarters
Dayabumi Complex
50670 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Numbers +603-2267-2000/2001/2002 
(8:30am - 5:30pm, Monday – Friday)
Fax +603-2694-2139
Customer Care 1-300-300-300 | care@pos.com.my
E-mail filateli@pos.com.my/setemku@pos.com.my
Contact Us

For information on past, present and future stamps as well as enquiries about stamps collecting promotional activities, Pos Malaysia Berhad has established an Information Counter to help you.


SODA Customer Service Counter

Located at the Kuala Lumpur Philatelic Bureau, this counter serves customers who come personally to update, collect or deposit remittances into their accounts during office hours and other enquiries. All information on forthcoming issues is also available at this desk.



Stamp and Philatelic Division
Level 1, Pos Malaysia Headquarters
Dayabumi Complex
50670 Kuala Lumpur


+603-2267-2000 - SODA Inquiry
+603-2267-2001 - Philatelic Counter
+603-2267-2002 - Personalised Stamp Inquiry

Fax: +603-2694-2139

E-mail :filateli@pos.com.my