Goods brought into Malaysia are subject to tax by the Royal Customs and Excise Department. They are inspected at all points of entry and the duties must be settled before the goods can be released.

Like goods, postal items brought into the country will be similarly inspected at KLIA Sepang, General Post Office Kota Kinabalu, Post Office Miri, Post Office Bintulu, Post Office Sibu, General Post Office Kuching, General Post Office Johor Bahru, General Post Office Ipoh and General Post Office Butterworth. The Customs Clearance personnel are available to assist the customers.

Key Features

Pos Malaysia’s personnel are responsible to inform customers to collect their released goods at the respective Post Offices.


Before goods could be released from the respective Post Offices, customers need to assess the goods and pay the tax charged.

If customers are unable to collect their goods at the respective Post Offices, they can appoint Pos Malaysia Berhad to act as their agent. A reasonable and competitive rate to get the goods inspected and release for delivery will be charged.

Pos Malaysia Berhad will do custom clearance and claim the goods on customers’ behalf. Customers will be required to pay the tax charges at the nearest Post Office and collect the goods.

For more information on the revised zones and tariffs, kindly refer to the specific product stated below International Mail.

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