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This is a quick guide to items that cannot be sent at all times. Some of these items,
if detected, can lead to legal prosecution against the sender. PosLaju will not be
responsible for any item held by customer / authorities.


Senders of these items are required to enquire at PosLaju Centers whether such items
are permissible at the country of the destination before posting. Apart from the
prohibitions mentioned above, many countries, for various reasons impose restrictions on
the importation of certain items.

Some seemingly harmless goods and substances are prohibited in the mail. This is
because, under certain conditions e.g. variations in temperature, pressure or contact
with other substances, can easily become hazardous especially when transported by air.

For good that are sent abroad, a customs form must be signed to certify that they do not
contain any dangerous articles prohibited by Malaysia's and International postal regulations.

The followings items are NOT acceptable for courier by PosLaju:

The maximum weight of a package may vary by destination.
Call our Customer Service Representative for details.