International Cooperative Project On Giant Panda
Date of Issue: 25-Feb-2015

Farm Animals
Date of Issue: 16-Feb-2015

Malaysia Chairman Asean 2015
Date of Issue: 27-Jan-2015

Medicinal Plants Series III
Date of Issue: 20-Jan-2015

The Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'Adzam Shah Bridge, Penang
Date of Issue: 31-Dec-2014

The Celebration Of 40 Years Of Reign Of KDYMM Sultan Pahang
Date of Issue: 23-Dec-2014

World Youth Stamp Exhibition 2014
Date of Issue: 01-Dec-2014

World Youth Stamp Exhibition 2014
Date of Issue: 05-Nov-2014

Malay Folk Stories
Date of Issue: 27-Oct-2014

Local Food Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Hong Kong, China Joint Issue
Date of Issue: 09-Oct-2014

57th Independence Celebration
Date of issue 31-Aug-2014

Malaysian Fruits
Date of issue 17-July-2014

Date of issue 24-June-2014

Grand Opening World Scout Bureau Kuala Lumpur Office
Date of issue 18-June-2014

Commemorative Cover - 40 Years Diplomatic Relation between Malaysia-China
Date of issue 31-May-2014

Melaka & Jogja – City of Museums
Date of issue 24-May-2014

Special Commemorative Cover President Barack Obama’s Visit to Malaysia
Date of issue 26-April-2014

Museums & Artifacts - Unveilling of The Hidden Treasures
Date of issue 13-March-2014

Roses 2nd Series
Date of issue 14-Feb-2014

Date of issue 27-Jan-2014