1. What type of gold is accepted as collateral?

    We accept all kinds of gold jewellery.

  2. What type of gold carat is accepted as collateral?

    We accept all types of carat (gold purity) which are 999, 950, 916, 875, 835, 585 and 375.

  3. Are gold jewelleries with precious stones accepted for pawn broking?

    Yes, however (estimated) total weight of the stone will be deducted, at our discretion.

  4. How do you test the gold?

    We will weigh the item and we will also conduct ‘aqua regia’ test to ensure the purity of the gold. Densimeter will also be used to determine gold content.

  5. How much is the safekeeping fee?

    The monthly safekeeping fee is fixed at RM0.75 for every RM100 marhun (appraised value).

  6. How can a customer pay the financing amount?

    • By instalment (within the tenure).
    • Settle via full redemption, including safekeeping fees; or

  7. Do you accept payment by debit/credit card or cheque?

    No. Only cash term applies.

  8. How will I receive my payment after a successful transaction?

    You will receive cash money once the transaction is successful.

  9. How long is the financing tenure?

    6 months + 3 months extension + 3 months extension.Extension can only be done if the customer settled their outstanding safe keeping fees.

  10. What price do you use to determine the appraised value?

    ArRahnu@POS follows the current daily market price of gold based on the price quoted in the London Metal Exchange.

  11. How much is the financing limit per customer?

    • Financing margin is up to 75%.
    • Minimum financing limit: RM100.00
    • Maximum financing per customer per day: RM10,000.00 per day
    • Maximum total accumulated financing per customer: RM50,000.00

  12. What should a customer do if they lost the Surat Akuan Gadaian (pawn ticket)?

    • Customer should report immediately (no representatives allowed) to the ArRahnu@POS branch where customer pawned their item.
    • Customer must complete a Lost Certificate Complaint Letter and get verification from the Commissioner for Oaths.
    • Customer must return to the ArRahnu@POS branch along with the aforementioned document (item ii.) to get a copy of the pawn certificate.
    • A penalty of RM10 will be imposed for each SAG copy issued.

  13. How long does it take to get a copy of the certificate?

    Immediately, provided all of the above documents in point No.10 are complete.

  14. Can redemption be made by a representative (other than the original customer)?

    No. If the customer is not able to come (in the case of death, imprisonment or hospitalisation), the representative shall provide the supporting documents like Certificate of Death, Letter/Report from Doctor or Warder, etc.

  15. Can the collaterals be redeemed partially?

    No. Instalment payments are allowed, however two or more items pawned in one SAG shall be redeemed together.

  16. Who are eligible to pawn their item at ArRahnu@POS?

    • Malaysian citizens
    • Permanent Residents
    • Foreigners
    • All customers must be 18 years and above

  17. What are the documents required?

    • Malaysian citizens : original IC
    • Permanent Residents : valid Permanent Resident card
    • Foreigners : original passport with validity of at least 1 year

  18. If a customer forgets to bring their IC, do you accept original driving licence as proof of identification?


  19. Can additional financing be made?

    Yes, if the customer has not taken the maximum finance amount of RM50,000.00.

  20. Can customer make a new transaction if a report on lost SAG is still being processed?

    Yes, subject to individual accumulated total of finance not exceeding RM50,000.00.

  21. What will happen if a customer does not redeem their item after 12 months?

    The item will be auctioned on the 13th month.

  22. If an auctioned item has a balance, can the customer claim for the amount?

    The balance from the auction will be returned to the customer upon deduction of safekeeping fee, outstanding finance and an administrative fee of 3%.

  23. Who can be contacted for further information?

    For further inquiries regarding ArRahnu@POS services, please contact:

    • Website www.pos.com.my; or
    • Call customer service at 1-300-300-300; or
    • Call ArRahnu@POS branches nearby. List of available branches here.

  24. Is there any other services provided by ArRahnu@POS?

    Yes, we provide free zakat appraisal for gold and also cleaning services for gold jewelleries at a very minimal fee.

  25. What are the security assurances offered by ArRahnu@POS for customers who make their transactions there?

    • All transactions are conducted in front of the customer.
    • The space/room within the office premise is equipped with adequate security equipment i.e. CCTV, alarm and the strong room is fitted with the latest in security features.
    • ArRahnu@POS adheres to strict operational standards.
    • All items pawned at ArRahnu@POS is fully insured.
    • ArRahnu@POS conducts monthly compliance audits on its outlets to ensure that all protocols are observed by all employees.