"Standard Mail" signifies/refer to an enveloped letter which is flexible in nature and fulfills the following conditions:

Weight Maximum up to 50gm.
Size Minimum :140 mm (length) x 90 mm (width)
Maximum: 250 mm (length) x 165 mm (width)
Thickness Minimum : 0.25 mm
Maximum: 6.00 mm
Envelope & Colour
  • >  Paper which is non-glossy and is white or has a soft colour tone at the front of the envelope

  • >  Not be embossed and shall not contain any sprocket hole

  • >  completely sealed
Description of
Envelope's Front
Pages (refer to the images below)
  • >  Postage Zone: 74mm (length) x 40mm (width)

  • >  Sender's Zone:May contain the sender's name, address, logo or advertisement

  • >  Recipient's Zone: Name and address of the recipient written or printed in dark and non-luminous ink

  • >  Barcode Zone: Should be blank 15mm from the bottom of the envelope

Postage Rates for Standard Mail

Category Weight Step Rate of Postage
Standard Mail Up to 20gm 0.60
Above 20gm - 50gm 0.70

For more information on the revised zones and tariffs, kindly refer to the specific product stated below International Mail.

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