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Now you can send and receive money to and from around the world in a fast, save, easy and trusted way. The world's largest money transfer network, Western Union Financial Services (Western Union) is offered at our selected Post Offices.

Key Features

The formation of strategic partnership of Pos Malaysia Berhad and Western Union, one of the most trusted remittance networks in the world, is a much applauded move. The affiliation of two reliable names brings with it an almost limitless reach to cross-borders monetary transactions.


  • Fast
    - With Western Union, money is received minutes after being sent
  • Convenient
    - Western Union is located in over 190 countries and territories with over 200,000 agent locations around the globe and can be found in most banks, post offices, railway stations and airports
  • Reliable
    - Western Union has offered money transfer for over 130 years. It uses advanced technology and it's unique worldwide computer network allows immediate payout in over 190 countries and territories around the world
  • Safe
    - Each money transfer is protected by Western Union safety system, recognised worldwide and can be located with a control number, thus ensuring the payment of the money you sent, quickly, only to the receiver
  • Receiver pays no fee
    - A one-time fee is charged to the sender with the full amount given to the receiver in an instant cash payout
  • Easy
    - No bank account is required to send money through Western Union

List of Post Offices


To send or receive money, simply follow these simple steps:

To Send Money

  • Visit our Post Office with Western Union
  • Complete the 'To Send Money' form available at the counter
  • Return the form with valid identification, the cash amount to be sent and the transfer fee to the counter clerk
  • Collect your receipt and the Money Transfer Control Number
  • Call the recipient and relay the information required to collect the money

To Receive Money

  • Visit any post offices, banks or other institutions that provide Western Union service
  • Complete the 'To Receive Money' form and include the sender's name, sending country and the amount sent
  • Return the form to the counter clerk and provide the counter clerk with valid identification to confirm the transaction
  • Upon confirmation, receiver can collect the money immediately

Need Help?

Our Service Agents are at your service. Please feel free to contact them via our POSLINE at:

1 300 300 300

Alternatively, meet them at:

Customer Care Department
Level 6 , Pos Malaysia Headquarters
Dayabumi Complex
50670 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours : 8.30 am to 9.30 pm, Monday to Saturday
( except 1st Saturday of the month and Public Holiday )
Fax 03-2727 9200
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