Pos Auto Plus

Personal Accident Insurance Package for Private Car & Motorcycle for you and your family's peace of mind.

Pos Hospital Cash Income Plan (PHCI)

  • >  Get cash relief when you are hospitalized due to illness or accident

  • >  Premium as low as RM 80/ year

  • >  Table Of Benefits And Premiums

    Benefits Plan
    Gold Diamond
    Daily Hospital Cash ( Up to 180 days) RM100 RM200
    Daily Intensive Care Cash (Up to 30 days) RM200 RM400
    Extra Lump Sum Cash
    ( Hospitalization exceeding 15 consecutive days)
    RM500 RM1000

  • >  Premium Table

    Age-Band(Years) Gold (RM) Diamond (RM)
    18 - 35 80.00 150.00
    36 - 45 110.00 210.00
    46 - 50 145.00 280.00
    51 - 55 185.00 360.00
    56 - 60 235.00 460.00
    61 - 65 (renewal only ) 310.00 610.00

  • >  * Annual Premium including stamps duty

Pos Maid Protector

  • >  Personal Accident insurance coverage for maids in the event, where accident or death occur, or in the event of unwanted which involves a third party accident or damage due to negligence of your maids.

  • >  as low as RM 60/year premium.

  • >  Table Of Benefits And Premiums

    No. Benefits Plan A Plan B Plan C Plab D
    1 Accident Death/Permanent Disablement RM10,000 RM15,000 RM20,000 RM30,000
    2 Medical Expenses (due to accident) Up RM750 Up RM750 Up RM750 Up RM750
    3 Hospital and Surgical Expenses ( due to accident ) Up RM2,000 Up RM2,500 Up RM3,500 Up RM3,500
    4 Weekly Hospital Income Benefit (Up to 10 weeks) RM110 RM110 RM110 RM110
    5 Repatriation Benefit Up RM3,500 Up RM3,500 Up RM3,500 Up RM3,500
    6 Vicarious Liability Up RM2,000 Up RM2,000 Up RM2,000 Up RM2,000
    7 Termination Expenses Benefit RM250 RM250 RM250 RM250
    Premium (Including RM10 stamp duty )
      Period of Insurance 12 months RM60 RM70 RM80 RM95
      Period of Insurance 24 months RM85 RM100 RM115 RM138

Motor Insurance

  • You need motor insurance when you buy a motor vehicle. Motor insurance covers your vehicle,
    be it a motorcycle, a car or a lorry, in case of accidents or theft.

  • Coverage

    Cover Types
    Third Party Third party, Fire & Theft Cover Comprehensive Cover
    Liabilities to third party for:
    • -  Injury
    • -  Death
    • -  Property loss / damage
    Yes Yes Yes
    Loss/damage to own vehicle due to accidental fire/theft No Yes Yes
    Loss/damage to own vehicle due to accident No No Yes
    Liability to driver and passenger of own vehicle (bodily injury, property, death) No No No

  • Exclusions

    • -  Your standard motor insurance policy does not cover:
      • ->  Your own death or bodily injury;

      • ->  Your liability against claims from your passengers;

      • ->  Theft of non-factory fitted vehicle accessories
        (car stereos, leather seats, sports rims etc) unless otherwise declared.

      • ->  Consequential loss, depreciation, wear and tear, mechanical or technical breakdown failures or breakages; and

      • ->  Loss/damage arising from an act of nature, e.g. flood, lanslide.

    • -  However, you may pay additional premium to cover some of the above exclusions,
      e.g. floods or your liability against claims from your passengers

    • -  Windscreen and vehicle accessories coverage are includes an extension in considering and preserving your No-Claim-Discount (NCD) in the event of loss/damage. You can check for other exclusions and extension covers available with your insurance agent or company.

  • Motor Insurance in partnership with panel insurers :

    • -  Kurnia Insurance

    • -  MAA Assurance

    • -  Allianz General Insurance

    • -  ETIQA Insurance

    • -  ETIQA Takaful

    • -  Syarikat Takaful Malaysia

    • -  Malaysian Motor Insurance Pool