24 MARCH 2012


KUALA LUMPUR, Saturday - Fans of Ombak Rindu, one of Malaysia’s most romantic and sensational film to date, can now have the memories of the film immortalised in a limited edition SetemKu Album and Folder Set with the collaboration between Pos Malaysia and its film producer, Tarantella Pictures Sdn. Bhd. / Astro Shaw. Adapted from a popular novel by renowned novelist, Fauziah Ashaari, Ombak Rindu has made tidal waves in the local cinema since it was first shown on 1 December 2011, capturing the hearts of Malaysians with a sweeping romantic tale befitting the Shakespearean adage, "the course of true love never did run smooth".

The success of the film has inspired Pos Malaysia to form the collaboration and produce the SetemKu Album and Folder Set, the first of its kind produced based on a Malaysian film. The collection depicts scenes from Ombak Rindu on the personalised stamps which will certainly enhance the nostalgia of the film in the hearts and minds of its fans.

"Ombak Rindu SetemKu Album and Folder Set can be added to the fan’s collection, and relive the memories of the film which has touched the hearts of many. Apart from the annual issuance of our various thematic and commemorative stamps, we also offer other innovative stamps and philatelic products such as SetemKu, which allows our individual and corporate customers to print their own photos on the stamps. The versatility of SetemKu makes it possible for us to capture the beautiful scenes and iconic characters from Ombak Rindu and preserve them in the special album. In future, we look forward to collaborate with other players in the Malaysian film industry to produce other SetemKu products," said YBhg Dato’ Khalid Abdol Rahman, Group Chief Executive Officer of Pos Malaysia.

"We are proud to collaborate with Pos Malaysia to produce this one-of-a-kind SetemKu album which is a novel way to promote and market products including Malaysian films. Ombak Rindu is the first Malaysian film featured on a SetemKu Album," said Mr. Sharad Sharan, Producer for Ombak Rindu.

The limited edition Ombak Rindu SetemKu Album which contains 6 sheets of the personalised stamps (48 pieces of stamps) as well as 24 colourful pages featuring the different scenes from the movie that is also captured on the personalised stamps would surely delight the fans of the film. In addition to the personalised stamps, 11 Ombak Rindu postcards (ready to be posted with prepaid postage) are also included in the album as well as the DVD for Ombak Rindu and photographs from behind the scenes.

Apart from the album, Pos Malaysia also produced a special set of Ombak Rindu SetemKu Folder which contains the 2 sheets of the personalised stamps (16 pieces of stamps), 1 specially designed envelope and 7 Ombak Rindu postcards with pre-printed stamps. The SetemKu Folder is an affordable option to those who would also like to own the Ombak Rindu SetemKu collection.

The designs for the Ombak Rindu SetemKu sheets are different for the album and folder set, therefore, purchase of both products will complete the entire Ombak Rindu SetemKu collection.

The Ombak Rindu SetemKu Album and Folder will be available for sale from 24 March 2012 onwards and can be purchased from Pos Malaysia’s online shopping portal, PostMe at www.postme.com.my as well as at 14 selected Pos Malaysia Outlets all over the country. The Ombak Rindu SetemKu Album is priced at RM199.00 while the Ombak Rindu SetemKu Folder is priced at RM59.90. For purchases from PostMe, the price for both products does not include delivery charges. Customers can contact PostMe for inquiries on purchasing the Ombak Rindu SetemKu Album and Folder via e-mail at postme@pos.com.my.

In the launch ceremony held today at Hard Rock Cafe, Pos Malaysia has selected 80 fans of Ombak Rindu to be the first lucky ones given the opportunity to view and own the SetemKu Album and Folder Set. Discount of 10% is also offered today for the purchase of the SetemKu Album and Folder. The first 30 customers who purchased the complete Ombak Rindu SetemKu Album and Folder Set collection will be given the opportunity to join the meet and greet session with the actors from the movie held during the launch.

Introduced in 2007, SetemKu is a unique and creative product by Pos Malaysia for customers to personalise stamps by featuring their own photograph or images. A combination of their personalised photos and the base stamp will form a valid postage stamp. Individuals and corporate customers will be spoilt for choice with various base stamps to choose from and are available in selected denominations. Please contact the Stamps and Philately Unit of Pos Malaysia via telephone at 03-2274 1122 ext. 6830 or e-mail to filateli@pos.com.my for enquiries on stamps and other philatelic products.

We also welcome our customers to visit the nearest Pos Malaysia Outlet to find out more about the services offered for their convenience. Customers may also visit our corporate website at www.pos.com.my. Alternatively they can contact our Customer Care, via PosLine at 1-300-300-300 or through e-mail at care@pos.com.my.

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Issued on behalf of Pos Malaysia by the Corporate Communications Department of Pos Malaysia.

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