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Our Heritage


The history of Pos Malaysia Berhad can be traced back to the early 1800s with the establishment of postal services first in the Straits Settlements (Penang, Malacca, and Singapore) and gradually, it covered the entire Malaya by early 20th century.

Letters were delivered through dispatch riders or special messengers then. Instead of postage stamps, fees were collected when letters were handed in at the Pos office and letters posted were given a receipt.


Over the years, the evolution of technology saw the emergence of digital media/internet and changing customer behaviours. Despite the personal touch and sentimental value attached to traditional mails, this market is shrinking, replaced by the more popular social media and SMS.


Pos Malaysia Berhad is also going through the same evolution. No longer are we the traditional postal corner, as we embark into the 21st century, we have and are evolving to meet the demands and needs of our customers' changing behaviours and marketplace.


Together with the role of the national postal provider, Pos Malaysia Berhad has morphed into a conglomerate, offering supply chain solutions and financial services, competing directly and indirectly with many companies in both domestic and international areas.


Corporate Information

About Pos Malaysia Berhad

Pos Malaysia Berhad is Malaysia’s premier logistic and communications service provider. We have a widespread network of over 1,000 touch points countrywide that includes Pos Malaysia Outlets, Pos Minis, Pos24 (Self Service Terminals), Post-On-Wheels (Mobile Outlets), postal agents and stamp agents, making it one of the most extensive retail networks in Malaysia.


Throughout the years, Pos Malaysia has grown from strength to strength and is progressing from being a mail and postal services provider towards becoming a dynamic communications, financial services and supply chain solutions provider. Moving forward, Pos Malaysia will continue to transform and innovate itself in order to maintain its relevance and competitive edge as well as continue to connect Malaysians with the rest of the world.


For further information about Pos Malaysia, please contact our Customer Care via PosLine at 1-300-300-300 or e-mail to care@pos.com.my.You can also visit our website at www.pos.com.my or interact with us on the following social media sites:


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PosMalaysiaBerhad


Twitter : https://twitter.com/pos4you


Instagram : https://instagram.com/pos4you/

Our Management Team

Board of Directors






Encik Azlan Shahrim

Covering Group Chief Executive Officer


Encik Elias bin Effendy

Group Head, Corporate Services


Currently Vacant

Group Head, Legal, Secretarial & Regulatory Counsel


Encik Bahaman Kamaruzzaman

Chief Operating Officer, Pos Niaga


Encik Hasnul Haniff

Chief Operating Officer, Pos Mel


Encik Ahmad Najmi Mahfodz

Chief Operating Officer, Pos Laju


Puan Adawiyah Jafar

Head, International Business and Relations


Encik Muhammad Noor bin Abd Aziz @ Hashim

Group Chief Finance Officer, Finance & Accounts


YBhg Dato' Rohaiza Hashim

Group Head, Group Communications


Encik Ahmad bin Mohd Fahmin

Acting Chief Information Officer, Group Information & Communication Technology


Puan Raja Nor Izah Raja Jaafar

Group Head, Sales and Marketing


Encik Fikri Ahmad

Group Head, Group Human Resource


Encik Mohd Yusri Dolah

Group Head, Transformation Management Office


Encik Mohd Amin Nallah bin Yahya

Group Head, Risk Management


Encik Zaidi Hussain

Group Head, Program Management Office


Encik Harleim Mohd Nor

Group Head, Internal Audit


Encik Wan Mahadzer Isllah Bin Wan Puteh

Group Head, Revenue Assurance


Puan Mariyani Awang

Group Head, Corporate Compliance


Encik Mohd Azri Hashim

Acting Group Head, Transport Management


Tuan Haji Hisham Zuhdi Bin Mahmud Zuhdi

Acting Group Head, Asset and Facilities Management


Encik Firhart Arshad bin Arshad Khalid

Acting Group Head, Strategic Procurement

Our Group Structure

Group Structure



No.Name of CompanyShareholderPercentage of Shareholding
1 Datapos (M) Sdn Bhd Pos Malaysia Berhad 100%
2 Digicert Sdn Bhd Pos Malaysia Berhad 100%
3 PMB Properties Sdn Bhd Pos Malaysia Berhad 100%
4 Pos Ar-Rahnu Sdn Bhd Pos Malaysia Berhad 100%
5 Poslaju (M) Sdn Bhd Pos Malaysia Berhad 100%
6 Pos Malaysia & Services Holdings Berhad Pos Malaysia Berhad 100%
7 Pos Takaful Agency Sdn Bhd Pos Malaysia Berhad 100%
8 Prestige Future Sdn Bhd PSH Capital Partners Sdn Bhd 100%
9 PSH Allied Berhad Pos Malaysia Berhad 100%
10 PSH Capital Partners Sdn Bhd Pos Malaysia Berhad 100%
11 PSH Express Sdn Bhd PSH Venture Capital Sdn Bhd 100%
12 PSH Investment Holdings (BVI) Ltd Pos Malaysia & Services Holdings Berhad 100%
13 PSH Properties Sdn Bhd Pos Malaysia Berhad 100%
14 PSH Venture Capital Sdn Bhd Pos Malaysia Berhad 100%
15 Real Riviera Sdn Bhd PSH Properties Sdn Bhd 100%
16 Effivation Sdn Bhd Pos Malaysia Berhad
PSH Properties Sdn Bhd




No.Name of CompanyShareholderPercentage of Shareholding
1 PosPay Exchange Sdn Bhd Pos Malaysia Berhad 50%
2 CEN Sdn Bhd Pos Malaysia Berhad 42.5%
3 Elpos Print Sdn Bhd Pos Malaysia Berhad 40%
4 CEN Worldwide Sdn Bhd CEN Sdn Bhd 100%
5 CEN Technology Sdn Bhd CEN Sdn Bhd 50%
Our Corporate Identity

The Masterbrand


Pos Malaysia


Our new identity embodies the spirit of what the new POS Malaysia brand signifies; for today and tomorrow.


Our focus on transformation is expressed through the lighting treatment within the ‘O’ in Pos. It illustrates how we are always moving forward.


The ‘Fast Forward’ arrow reinforces the brand’s progressive, innovative and forward thinking. It also denotes a strong digital association.


VISION Connecting Malaysia, and Beyond - For Today and Tomorrow
MISSION Build and deliver the network of choice




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